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CREOG review

Question Answer
Empiric therapy for atypical CAP in pregnancy?Erythromycin 500mg q6h
Triad of dKAHyperglycemia, acidosis, ketonemia
Pathognomonic for granulosa cell tumorCal Exner bodies
Pathognomonic for endodermal sinus tumorSchiller Duval
What is the mutation in AIS?XL recessive, AR mutation on the X chromosome
What is the key factor that contributes to OHSS?Excessive leutinization leads to increased secretion of E2, P, cytokines (VEGF primarily)
Does UC or Crohn's develop fistula?Crohns
How is amenorrhea defined?Absence of menses by age 13 w/o growth or secondary sex characteristics or Absence of menses by age 15 with normal growth and secondary sexual characteristics or cessation or menses for 3 cycles or 6 months
Are cortisol levels increased in pregnancy?No because of increased cortisol binding globulin so there is decreased clearance