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Postpartum fever unresponsive to broad spectrum absseptic pelvic thrombophlebitis. Treat with heparin
• Boggy, tender uterus, heavy menses, pelvic pain, pain between periods.adenomyosis
• Painful periods, painful sex, infertile/amenorrheaendometriosis
• Heavy menses with clots, enlarged uterus, pelvic pain/heaviness, constipation, urinary frequencyfibroids
• Who is at increased risk for hyperemesis gravidarummultifetal gestation or molar pregnancy
• Why do molar pregnancies cause bilateral ovarian enlargement?theca lutein cyst formation because of gonadotropin stimulation
• Bladder pain worsened by filling and relieved by voiding. Painful sex, urinary frequency and urgency?painful bladder syndrome. No real treatments, just focus on improving quality of life.
• Screen for these three STDs regardless of risk factorssyphillis, HIV, hep B. Chlamydia and gonorrhea if < 25 or at increased risk
• Preferred form of contraception in lactating momsprogestin only pills
• Sudden onset unilateral abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, with a history of pregnancy or cyst or tumors in ovary. what is this and how do you diagnose it? What do you do after?ovarian torsion. Diagnose with doppler, take out with laparoscopic surgery
• Maternal complications of placental abruptionDIC and hypovolemic shock
• This is associated with pre-eclampsia/eclampsia, patient has shortness of breath, bibasilar crackles, pitting edema in extremetiespulmonary edema
• Fever within first 24 hours of delivery?chills and low grade fever with leukocytosis is normal. If lochia is not foul smelling, it is NOT endometritis

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