OB Chapter 8 - Culture and Socialization

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Which motive for conformity most clearly involves EFFECT DEPENDENCE?Compliance
If I conform to my boss's wishes because of identification I am conforming becauseI see myself as similar to her
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of compliance?It occurs because a member subscribes to the beliefs and values underlying the norm
Which of the following best explains why most religious leaders conform to the norms of their religion?Internalization
What is the most likely motive for mere compliance to a requestYou are AFRAID of the person making the request
From first stage to last stage, which of the following sequences accurately portrays the stages of organizational socialization?Anticipatory socialization, encounter, role management
In his last year of college, even before he took a job with a conservative bank, Randall began wearing three piece suits regularly. To whichstage of socialization does this example refer?Anticipatory Socialization
A psychological contract isThe set of beliefs held by employees concerning the reciprocal obligations between them and their employer
The first day on his new job, John's experienced workmates sent him to the equipment shed to ask the attendant for a ridiculously named, nonexistent tool. This is NOT an example ofA realistic job preview
Given the research findings,an organization would most likely introduce realistic job previews toReduce turnover
What socialization tactics are also known as debasement or hazing?Divestiture
At which stage of socialization is the new organizational member most likely to be information dependent and effect dependent on experienced organizational members? Encounter
Even before he graduated from business school, Stan replaced his knapsack with an expensive leather briefcase. This is an example ofAnticipatory Socialization
Alan acts in accordance with group norms because he believes that the norms are truly right. He ____ the norms: has internalized
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What do newcomers need to learn about during the socialization process?Task, Role, Group, Organization
Which is the best example of collective socialization?Marine Corps Boot camp
As normally practiced, a realistic job previewportrays both the good and the bad aspects of the job
Person-Organization fit refers to: The match between an employees personal values and the values of the organization