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Reflecting the growing Latin American population in the United States, in the 1980s the Reliance Capital Group launched which Spanish-language network?Telemundo Group
What is the main advantage that Netflix has had over other video-rental stores such as Blockbuster?Netflix doesn't have expensive store rental or overhead costs and can maintain a larger and more diverse inventory accordingly
On average, how many hours per day does a child between eight and eighteen spend in front of some kind of screen (TV, computer, or smartphone/mobile device)?6.5
Licensing deals generate revenue in Hollywood. Studios receive royalties for licensing the rights to______________.make toys, blankets, pajamas, and other goods
In the future, new products may be offered to consumers through television as a result of freed-up bandwidth space. Such interactive services might include:video-on-demand
According to the movie-industry business model, on average, which source accounts for the most revenue for a released movie?DVD rentals and sales
Who was the nineteenth-century photographer who took Civil War photos and portraits of many famous people?Mathew Brady
The ______________ that historically replaced soap operas were subjected to congressional investigation, and many have since been replaced by ______________, which are cheaper to produce.quiz game shows; reality shows
The movie-industry business model is simple. It aims to __________.get as many people as possible to pay to watch a movie
By the year 2015, what percentage of theaters around the world are expected to receive their movies digitally via satellite?More than 80 percent
Which female film producer worked with Stephen Spielberg to form Amblin Entertainment and is credited for her work on films such as E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982), The Sixth Sense (1999), War Horse (2011), and Lincoln (2012)? She insists that the essence of a great film is _______________.Kathleen Kennedy; great storytelling
From a business perspective, what is the number-one priority when first contemplating and then producing a documentary film?Making sure the final product has a realistic chance of making money
Modern cinema relies heavily on ______________to generate blockbuster success. This means increased safety for the studios but more formulaic stories and characters.predictable genres
When did the golden age of television begin?The 1950s
What is the main reason cable television has gained an "advantage” over network television in terms of its ability to produce more innovative and "edgy” content?Cable television is unfettered by FCC content restrictions on network profanity and partial nudity.