O and I muscles of arm and chest

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Origins Insertions And Actions of Muscles of the Arm and Chest


Pectoralis Majoron clavicle, sternum, costal cartilages and sheath of rectus abdominison greater tubercle of humeradducts, flexes and rotates arm medially
Pectoralis Minoron sternal ends of the third, fourth abd fifth ribson coracoid process of scapulapulls scapula forward and downward
Triceps brachiilateral and medial heads on humerus, and long head on tuberosity below glenoid fossa of scapulaon olecranon process of ulnaextends the forearm
Biceps brachiishort head on coracoid process of scapula, long head on tuberosit above gelnoid fossa of scapularadial tuberosity of radiusflexes and supinates the forearm and hand
Brachialison anterior shaft of humeruson coronoid process of ulnaflexed forearm
Brachioradialisproximal to lateral epicondyle of humerusproximal to styloid process of radiusflexes forearm