NYS law

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What pharmacist cannot add to MISSING information? (6)Date, Patient Name, drug name, Drug qty, Name of prescriber, signature of prescriber
Information that pharmacist can NEVER CHANGE on the prescription? (5)Patient name, practitioner name and signature, date written, and drug name.
What do all controlled substances CII through CV must have on prescription? (3)Patient directions (cannot be PRN or UTD), MDD, frequency..Pharmacist may add or change directions
What are the federal CIII substances? (7)Hydrocodone syrups/tablets, APAP #3, Paregoric, Butalbital, Suboxone, Marinol, Anabolic steriods HASABPM
What are the federal CIV substances? (5)Benzodiazepines, Nonbenzodiazepines sedates, narcolepsy, Soma, Phenobarbital, BSBNP
What are the CV substances? (6)Phenergan with codeine, Guafenasin with codeine, APAP with codeine syrup, Lyrica, Lomotil, Vimpat,
Which class of drugs are a not a controlled substance in NYS but is considered CIII?Profasi, pregnyl and HCG
Who may prescribe controlled substances? (8)Physician, dentist, podiatrist, veterinarian, scientific investigator, midwives, nurse practioners, PA
Who may not prescribe controlled substances? (1)Optometrists OD, exception to Opthalomologist (MD)
Is controlled substance for office use valid?Controlled substance for office use is not valid
What is code A, B, C, D, E, F?Anxiety, Brain disorder, convulsants, pain, narcolepsy, hormones. All are up to 3 months, hormones are up to 6 months
What is the minimum amount of days can pharmacist fill a rx for controlled substance? 7 days supply or less remaining from perviously written prescription
Schedule III to V can be written up to how many days and how many refills?CIII to CV can be written up to 30 days supply and refilled up to 5 times within 6 months of original date
What happens when Schedule III to V has more than 30 days supply?Such a rx can be refilled only once. (?) 90 days supply for incidence?
When do you must send a monthly record of controlled rx to DOH?No later than the 15th day of the month following dispensation.
When can you call in emergency controlled supply for patient ?immediate administration is necessary, no alternative treatment is available, no possible way to write an rx
What must be written on verbal rx for emergency controls?Authorized emergency dispensing
When do you not require to write authorized emergency dispensing?when the rx is not a scheduled II substance
Which controlled schedule is allowable to have a 30 days supply over the phone while others are 5 days only?CIV which is your nonbenzodiazepines, Phenobarbital, narcolepsy (Nuvugil, Provigil), chloral hydrate
What do you do if controlled rx is not received within 72 hours?pharmacist is obligated to contact the NYS bureau of narcotic control within 7 days, sign back of rx, and stamp indicating cover not received
Once cover arrives for CIII and CIV substance may we add refills?You can add up to 5 refills if cover indicates it.
Can office administration or nurses call in control substance prescription?No only the prescriber may call in controlled substance prescription
Is electronic prescribing of controlled substance allowable?No, only non-controlled at the moment. E prescribing has passed in NY but not in effect to date as the DEA needs to ultimately authorize
What exceptions are there to faxing a controlled substance? When do originals need to be sent?This can be done if pharmacy has an written agreement with hospice program, or Residential Healthcare facility (RHCF), original RX must be sent within 72 hours.
Which DEA form do you need for DEA pharmacy registration? How long before each renewal?DEA form 224, Renew every 3 years
How do you file RX in NYS?Filed three ways: non-controlled, C2, C3 to C5..
Can you give a copy of controlled Rx to patient?Absolutely not
Can you give copy of non-controlled Rx to patient?Yes, but it has to say for information only on the face of RX
How do you document a controlled RX after a pharmacist has filled it?On face of rx: write rx #, date, sign; back of RX: amount dispensed, date, sign, Pharmacy DEA
How many years should you inventory controlled substances? which month and year?Every 2 years, Biennial Inventory; on May 1st of ODD years
Which controls do you need exact count? which controls do you estimate?CII exact count, CIII to CV estimate count
How long do you keep RX records for in the pharmacy? State? Federal laws?5 years NYS law, 2 years federal law
How do you store CII and CIII-CV drugs?CII are secured locked and CIII through V are through the pharmacy stock
What do you do if there is theft in the pharmacy of controlled medications?Notify DEA with DEA form 106
Can a patient transfer a controlled substance in NYS?No transfers are not permitted
Can you mail a controlled substance to a patient?Yes, must be securely wrapped
What do CS drug auxiliary labels say?Caution federal law prohibits the transfer of this drug to any person other than the patient for whom it was prescribed
How do you legally destory single doses or partial doses of controlled substance?Single doses can be destroyed on the premise by a licensed individual witnessed by a second licensed individual
How do you waste bulk disposal of controlled substances ? What DEA form? Who has to witness (3)?Must be approved by DEA using form 41, pharmacist plus DEA individual must witness destruction, 2 pharmacist or law enforcement must witness at approved date, pharmacy can surrender to independent company
How do you order CII drugs? how is this form filed?DEA form 222 used to order any controlled substance, Copies 1 and 2 to supplier, 2 goes to DEA, Copy 3 kept by pharmacy (purchaser)
How do you transfer CII drugs from one pharmacy to another? Are there any yearly restrictions?Use DEA form 222 but cannot be more than 5% of total years distribution
How do you order CIII, CIV, and CV drugs?order with non-controlled medications from licensed distributer (cardinal)
Can you return controlled substances to original purchaser?No can never be returned
How long are syringe RX good for? Can syringes be faxed or e-prescribed?Syringe RX are good for 2 years, cannot be faxed or e-prescribed
How many syringe can you phone in legally?Can be a maximum of 100 needles and syringes
What do you do if a syringe prescription is not received within 72 hours?RX must state follow-up prescription to oral prescription
Can you partial fill CIII, CIV, CV rx? If so, for how long?These controls are allowed to have partial fills up to 6 months of date of issue.
Can you parital fill CII, benzodiazepines, and anabolic steriods? Is there a facility where you can have exceptions (2)? How long are the controlled rx there good for?Yes you can but patient waives the remaining balance. Only if LTCF ok to partial refill without losing balance. Date, qty dispensed, must be indicated, LTCF rx good for 60 days.
How many needles can you sell OTC? How old do you have to be? is there a limit to this rule?18 years old, 10 needles only, no limit to number of transactions per patient