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Question Answer
Vit ASkin, Eyes,Immune. >10,000 teratogenic. Hepatotoxic.
Beta CaroteneCVD and alcoholism, cognitive decline. Do NOT use in smokers, increases LU CA incidence.
Vit B1 (Thiamine)Cofactor. Neuro and Fibrocystic BR. Depleted by ETOH (Wernicke-Korsakoff). Benfotiamine for DM neuropathy
Vit B2 (riboflavin)Migraines, eyes, mm cramps. Needed for B6 activation, RBC formation, energy production.
Vit B3 (Niacin)Energy production, lipid lowering, Acne, Schizo. The 4 D's of Pellegra: diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia and death. AE flushing. Nicotinic acid/Nicotinamide. Prolonged exposure = hepatotoxic. NIACINAMIDE for for psychiatric. 1500 mg/day in divided doses.
Vit B5CoA. For acne, allergic rhinitis, hypoadrenalism. Donates acetyle group for hormones. Post operative ileus?
Vit B6CVD, need for NT production. Acne/skin, neuropathy, N/V in pregnancy, PMS. Deficiency: glossitis/cheleitis. Toxicity: neuropathy. Used in pre-eclampsia.
Biotin (Vit B7)Prod by gut flor, avidin in raw egg binds and prevents absorption. For tx of DM (improves insulin sensitivity, it is insulin mimetic), seborrheic dermatitis, uremic neuropathy. Mcg doses. Toxicity may worsen candidiasis.
Vit B12CV (megaloblastic anemia), peripheral neuropathy, dementia, depression, fatigue. Mcg dosing. Always give with folate. AE/CI: Acne. Need for methyl transfer
CholineBrain (Ach). Epilepsy, memory loss, ADHD. Found in eggs and organ meats.
Vit CCofactor (e donor). For synthesis of collagen and carnitine. AOX. CV, infectious dz, allergic rhinitis (anti-histamine). IVC for CA. Need for Fe absorption. Mg dosing. Def: scurvy, bleeding. Tox: diarrhea.
Vit DHormone. Ca and P. Bone formation. Fat soluble, stored in adipose. Osteoporosis, hypoparathyroidism. Def: rickets, osteomalacia. >10,000 IU long term unsafe. 25OH D3 is active form. 1,25 stimulates osteoclasts.
Vit ETocopherols. AOX. Free radical scavenger. Fat soluble. Derm (herpes), Sickle cell/thal, neuro (ALZ, PD, memor). CA. Use mixed tocopherols or tocotrienols, not synthetic.
Vit K Klotting. Osteoporosis. 140mcg or lower. Measure INR if on warfarin.
Folate (Folic Acid)To prevent NTD. For anemia, neuro (migraine, neuropathy, RLS), cervical dysplasia. 400 mcg/day. 5-MTHF is fully active folate.
BoronBoring! Just osteoporosis. (concentrates in spleen and thyroid)
Calciumnn conduction. Bone, muscle, allergies. For osteoporosis, leg cramps in PG. Oxalates interfere with Ca absorption. Ca depletes Mg.
ChromiumInsulin cofactor. Improves glucose tolderance. Vit C increases absorption. For Blood Sugar regulation. Interacts with oral hypoglycemic agents. May improve SSRI.
CopperDepleted by Zinc, give 20:1 Zn:Cu. For aneurysm. Immune, bone.
IodineThyroid, fibrocystic breast, hyperthyroidism. COPD, CF, Sinusitis. Topical: vaginitis. C/I acne. Do not give excessively in PG.
IronPart of Hgb. For bleeding, fatigue. Anemia. Tox: constipation, organ failure
MagnesiumLoss with TZD diuretics and ETOH. Long term PPI causes hypomag. Use for HTN, arrhythmia, constiption, fibro, migraine, RLS, asthma. Citrate: better absorbed. Carbonate: not as well absorbed. Bisglycinate: muscle. Malate: CFS/fibro.
ManganeseCofactor for chondroitin sulfate and cartilage production. Osteoporosis. DM, immune, arthritis.
MolybdenumAsthma. Avoid in gout.
PotassiumAtherosclerosis, HTN, depleting meds, Crohn's, absorption issues, eating d/o, smokers/etoh/drug users.
SeleniumAOX (for GSH peroxidase). T4 to T3 conversion. Hashimoto's, lowers Ab. Atherosclerosis, CA, eye health, immune. 200 mcg/day always. Prostate?
SodiumFluid volume, osmotic pressure. Dehydation. IV. Acid-base balance.
Zinc CofactorDNA synthesis. Stored in bone and mm. Immune function. Wilson's dz. Derm (acne, AD), BPH/prostate, Immune. Depletes Cu. DM. Deficiency = decrease in taste and smell.
AlanineProstate. (and DM?)
L-ArginineARG! The pirate will go have some sex. (ED) GABA precursor. Avoid in HSV.
L-GlutamineDigestive: leaky gut, IBS, IBD, Immune. Lots of L-Glutamine in raw cabbage juice.
L-LysinePrecursor to carnitine. Forms collagen, CT. Lysine lyses herpes. Inhibits viral growth.
L-MethionineAOX. Hair, skin, nails (sulfur).
PhenylalaninePrecursor to tyr, dopa, NE and melanin. Use for vitiligo, PD. depression/brain conditions. C/I PKU
TaurineFood for heart. CHF, HTN, cardiomyopathy, epilepsy. DM, macular degeneration, detoxification
TyrosinePrecursor to DA, NE, E, serotonin. Precursor to thyroxine. Requires B6 (P5P) to convert to NE. Use in depression PD, hypothyroid.
L-Tryptophan5-HTP. Precursor to serotonin, melatonin. Anxiety, derpession, insomnia, migrine. Requires B6 (P5P for conversion). Caution: SSRIs, hypericum for serotonin syndrome. Loading tests for B6 def
Acetyl-L-carnitineAch. BRAIN. Alz, dementia, depression. Cataracts, nn pain, infertility?
CarnitineEnergy produuction, fatty acid synthesis/ketone metabolism. Immune function. HEART. ALZ and dementia. Neuropathy. ED.
CoQ10/Ubiquinonee transport. Creation of ATP. AOX. Heart, muscles. Use in CFS and fibro.
Creatineskeletal mm and brain: energy. Athletic performance, HF
DimethylaminoethanolPrecursor to Ach. ALZ, TD, ADHD (BRAIN).
FlavonoidsBrightly colored. AOX. Preserve levels of C & E. Quercition, bioflavinoids, etc. Polyphenols. For Inflammation, CVD, allergies, CM, Herpes. CA (green tea polypheols). 500-1500 mg. Quercitin to prevent recurrences of glaucoma. Lycopenes for PR
Para-amino Benzoic Acid (PABA)Skin, Scars, Sunscreen. Avoid with Abx use, will interfere.
Bland DietTo decrease BM freq. Following surgery, ulcers, heartburn, N/V, gas.
High Fat DietKetogenic. For seizures, PD, epilepsy.
High protein dietDM, anorexia, obesity. C/I KD dz and gout.
SAMealcoholism, OA, depression, arthritis, can be used as monotherapy.
Portfolio DietNuts, plant sterols, viscous fiber, soy protein. For cholesterol, BP, blood sugar.
Elemental DietBasically liquid nutrition. Used to maintain nutritional status, possibly other GI conditions like Crohn's.
FastingDetox, obesity, DM. C/I pregnancy, Eating d/o, underweight.
GF DietEliminating gluten containing grains, wheat, barley and rye. Celiac Dz.
High Carb DietMalnourishment.
Low Protein DietRenal Failure, Gout, Osteoporosis.
Rotation DietUsed in food allergies, after elimination diet.
Oligoantigenic DietUsed in food sensitivity, asthma, ADHD.
Paleo DietMostly meat, fish, veg, fruit. Excludes dairy, grain, processed foods. For blood sugar, allergies, CV health, autoimmunity, sleep etc.

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