Nutrition Test 1 Review

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Diet is associated with what leading causes of deathcertain cancers, type 2, heart disease and stroke
Essential nutrientsMust be supplied by food, not synthesized by body or made in enough amount, would suffer deficiency without them
PhytochemicalSubstance in plant foods not nutrients but beneficial
Pounds to Kilograms2.2 Pounds to 1 Kg
Formula for pounds to kiloWeight divided by 2.2
What Nutrient(s) are 4kcalProtein and carbs
What Nutrient(s) are 9kcalFats
What Nutrient(s) are 7kcalAlcohol
DRIVariety of terms for energy/nutrient requirements
RDA Standards for recommended daily intake meet needs of 98% healthy people

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Question Answer
AIassigned when no RDA assumes population daily intake is adequate
EnzymeProtein speed up rate chemical reaction, not altered during process
EsophagusTube connecting pharynx to stomach
PeristalsisMuscle contractions, move food and beverages through intestinal tract
Where does most digestion occurSmall intestine
LiverProcess and store nutrients, make cholesterol and bile
Pancreas makes whatInsulin
InsulinEnable glucose to enter cells, enhance storage of fat, glycogen and protein
GlucagonWhen blood glucose decreases, pancreas release glucagon.
What decreases blood glucose levelInsulin
What increases blood glucose levelGlucagon
Type 2 DiabetesCells insulin resistant
Type 1 DiabetesBeta cells stop making insulin

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