Nutrition Laws

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Year PIN was created1947
Year PIN was reorganized to FNRC1953
PINPhilippine Institute of Nutrtition
FNRCFood and Nutrition Research Center
NCCFNNational Coordinating Council on Food and Nutrtion
Year NFP was created1960
How many are MDG8
MDG 1Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
How many are nut related in MDG4

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MDG 4reduce under 5 mortality rate
MDG 5reduce maternal mortality
MDG 2universal primary education
How many components are there in SDG17
How many are nut related in SDG5
SDG 2, 3, 5, 6, 13Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well being, Gender equality, Clean Water and Sanitation, Climate Action

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What is Global Target 2025improves maternal, infant and young child nutrition
How many are global nut targets6
Concerns of Global targetsreduced stunted children, anemia women, LBW, child wasting, no increase in child overweight and increase EB

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1st director of PIN and founder of Nut FoundationJuan Salcedo
1st President of PANDr. Francisco Santos
Head of Dietary Dept in PGHIrma Florentin
President who signed PD 491Ferdinand Marcos

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rules and regulations concerning labeling of prepackaged products in the philippinesAO 88B
rules and regulations governing meat inspection in the PhilippinesAO No.6
Milk Code of the PhilippinesEO 51
created the Institute of Nutrition with mandate to be the clearing house of data and information concerning nutritionEO 94
created DOST and mandated that FNRI defines the nutritional status of the Filipino citizenry periodicallyEO 128
Reorganization act of NNC, July 22 1987EO 234
Expanded members of NNCthe need for intersectoral national policy making and coordinating body on nutrition. It expanded membership of the NNC to include the Dept of Budget and Managmement (DBM), Dept of Labor and Employment (DOLE), Dept of Trade and Industry (DTI), and National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA); DSWD was chair of the NNC governing board
Transferring the NNC from the DA to the DOH, Nov. 30, 2005EO 472
New Chair and vice chair of NNCSecretary of DOH (ex-officio Chairperson of the governing board); Secretaries of DA and DILG (ex-officio Vice chairpersons)

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Nutrition Act of the PhilippinesPD 491 Nutrition as priority of the government; created the NNC and designated July as the Nutrition Month for creating awareness on the importance of nutrition
code of sanitation in the PhilippinesPD 856
compulsory basic immunization of infants and children <8 years oldsPD 996
Nutrition and Dietetics Degree of 1977PD 1286
Barangay should have a BNS who shall be responsible for delivering nutrition services and related activitiesPD 1569

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Rice Enrichment LawRA 832
strenthening health and dental services to rural areasRA 1082
superseded in 1977 by PD 1286; professionalizes and regulates the practice of dieteticsRA 2674 Dietetics Law
Food, Drugs and Devices, and Cosmetic ActRA 3720
Local Government CodeRA 7160
Consumer Act of the Philippines of 1992RA 7394
Rooming-in and breastfeeding Act of 1992RA 7600
Act on Salt Iodization NationwideRA 8172
An Act Establishing the Philippines Food Fortification Program and other purposesRA 8976
An Act promulgating a comprehensive policy and national system for Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD)RA 8980
Expanded Breastfeeding Promotion Act of 2009RA 10028
Newborn Screening ActRA 9288
National Diabetes ActRA 8191

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Revised Policy and Guide on Micronutrient Supplementation AO 2010-0010
Updated Guidellines on Mjicronutritents Supplementation (Vit A, Iron and Iodine)AO 2003-119
Implementing Reforms for Rapid Reduction of Maternal and Neonatal Mortality Adopt and implement Maternal, Newborn and Child Health nutrition (MNCHN) StrategyAO 2008-029
Revised Policy on CGSAO 2010-0015
National Guidelines on the Mgt of Acute Malnutrition for under 5 childAO 2015-0055

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integrated nutrition objectives and components in KALAHI-CIDSS program and anti-poverty programs toward the achievement of Millenium Devt Goals (MDG)NEDA Social Devt Committee Resolution No.1
promoting of family planning in providing family welfare services to workersDOLE Department Order No. 56-03 Series of 2003, Rationalizing the implementation of family welfare program in DOLE
"The state shall dfend…the right of the children to assistance, including proper care and nutrition…"1987 Constitution (Article XV, Sec 3)

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parenting and nutrition advocacy show that educates people about food, nutrition, hunger, and povertyBusog Lusog: Ang Gabay sa Wastong Nutrisyon
emphasizes impact of feeding practices on nutriture, groth and development, health, and mostly survival of infant and young child. It provides guidance to protect, promote and support NGF#2Infant and Young Child Feeding
envisioned to integrate, rationalize and harmonize all efforts to info dissemination, communications and education for nutrition key non govt agencies (NGA), NGO, LGU, business corporationsNational Nutrition Education Program
aims to provide children (4-6 years old) with the knowledge of food and nutrition, done by volunteer teachers known as mother coordinators or nutrition youth coordinatorsNutrition and Health Kiddie Class
information-sharing type of activity that provides nutrition informations to 10-12 participating mothers who are seated in a circular positionPabasa sa Nutrisyon
organized relay system that delivers nutrition messages from school to home. The child receives messages from teachers and carries them to their parents through home activities and assignmentsTeacher-Child-Parent Approach
aims to strengthen capability to implement the convention on the rights of the childCountry Programme for Children
Full range of health, nutrition, early education and social services programs that provide the basic holistic needs of young children from birth to age 6Early Childhood Care and Development Program
DOH program that aims to reduce infant mortality and morbidity through decreaing the prevalence of six immunizable diseases (TB, diptheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, measles)Expanded Program on Immunization
Package of health services and relevant information is delivered twice a year to childrenGarantisadong Pambata
Those registered at DZMM public service center will get free seminars on the safe motherhood and maternal care and be able to participate in raffle draws and other activitiesBuntis Congress
Designed to improve the delivery of much-needed iron supplements to pregnant women through increased pre-natal visitsKalusugan para Umunlad si Mare
address short term hunger of school chidlren by serving hot instant fortified noodles or one serving of indigenous nutritios food cooked iron-fortified rice daily for 120 feeding days between 7-8amBreakfast Feeding Program
childen will be given cow's milk, bread made with coconut flour and traditional hot meal such as lugaw to help them meet 1/3 of the dietary requirementsDunong ng bata, Yaman ng Bansa program
school-based or community-based bakery mandated to provide bread or biscuits fortified with iron and VA to school children at an affordable priceNutripan sa Eskwelahan
provides school children with 1 kilo of iron-fortified rice per class day for 120 days in a school yearFood for School Program
poverty reduction strategy that provides grants to extremely poor households to improve their health, nutrition and education, particularly of children aged 0-14years oldsPantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program
focuses on giving the Filipino family affordable foods Tindahan Natin
NFA positioned rolling stores in differnet parts of the country to give the poor the opportunity to buy food and medicines at much lower pricesTindahan ni Gloria
home and school gardening program that NCP advocates. It focuses on home security making food always available, accessible and affordable for the familyFood Always in the Home
Data generate used for local nutrition program planning, describing the nutritional program planning, describing thenutritional situation of the community, quantifying the number of malnourished, and identifyying who will be given priority in terms of specific interventiosn to be implementedOperation Timbang
undertaken through the process of raising the poor's share in the country's resources and their access to public servicesKapit Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan-Comprehensive and Intergrated Delivery of Social Services
govt program to improve the lifestyle of filipinosMag-HL tayo
A strategy to reorganize local health bureaucracy to mainstream MNCHN activities, provide qdequate facilities, finance service delivery, and supervise and monitor program implementationMaternal, Newborn and Child Health Nutrition
achieve improvement of family health in communities in the ARMM by creating communities that are empowered, mobilized and organized to adopt and sustain optimal health behaviorsSustainable Health Improvement through Empowerment and Local Dvelopment
global initiative to help prevent blindness by providing VA supplementation to children between the ages of 6 mos to 5 yearsSeeing is believing
iodine fortification of water developedTubig TAlino
provide a general set of guidelines for establishing an integrated information system at the national level of food insecuirty and vulnerabilityFood Insecurity and Vulnerability Information Management System

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Conducts seminar for well being of workersNCP
Private nonstock org of nutritionistNFP
Bantay Kalusugan ProjABS CBN
Feed a Child ProjGMA Foundation
deliver efficient and effective nutrition through pro ed programNDAP
org that vision is to attain proper nut for all filipinosPAN
develops pro leadership and active participation program that promotes nut improvement of filipino peoplePSND
Action research program using an integrated devt approachBIDANI
training and assistance for brgy devt action planBIDA
people based info system by BIDANIBrgy Mgt Info System
individualized strategy to rehabilitate second and third degree malnutrtionParticipative Domiciliary Nut Rehabilitation
food production, resource mgt to enhance and sustain food availability at household levelFood Security for Nutrition Improvement
ND education at tertiary levelCODHEND
special attention to children vulnerable by endemic poverty and natural disaster or armed confictSave the Children
Hellen Keller Internationalcombast the causes and consequences of blindness and malnutrtiton