Nutrition for a Lifetime Chapter 13

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Gestational diabetesType 2 diabetes developing during pregnancy. Excess glucose
Pregnancy induced hypertensionleading cause of pregnancy related death. Major sign = rapid weight gain in 5th month.
Preclampsia Major SignsProtein in urine, sudden weight gain, increased blood pressure
PicaCraving for non food while pregnant
Physical exercise while pregnant helps what physically?Enhanced muscle tone, decreases edema, improved mood and sleep
Infant weight gainBirth weight doubles by 4-6 months. Triples in 1 year
Infant length50% increase in 1 year
colostrumyellowish fluid from breasts milk. Has antibodies for immunity and lactobacillus bifidus for healthy GI Tract
prolactinStimulate milk production in breasts
Oxytocinreflex that enables milk to travel via ducts to nipple area


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When does infant foods get introduced to infants?At 6 months
How long should breastfeeding continuefirst 12 months
Breastfeeding trends in the USBreastfeeding not occurring long enough
Why not Cows milk?Cows milk has casein, protein that is difficult to digest. May cause intestinal bleeding and iron deficiency.
First solid foodGenerally rice cereal. Least likely to cause allergies.
How to introduce new fruit/vegetableevery 1-2 days add another fruit/veggie to have allergy detections
Extrusion ReflexInfant thrust tongue forward when solid foods are introduced. dissapears 4-6 months
Tooth Decayhaving sugared drinks or formula in infant mouth when they sleep
School Age Children DietSkip breakfast, eat fried food/soda, away from home and large portions


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Physical activity for kids adequacy60 minutes most days, 42% 6-11 meet it, 8% 12-19 meet it
Iron Deficiency causes for boys/girlsBoys because of growth spurt, girls for menstrual bleeding
Life expectancy in 1900 to 200947 years to almost 80

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