Nutrition- Final- 5

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Freddy, CAT urinary problems

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FLUTD(s) (feline lower urinary tract dz)-- what is this?this is a syndrome of clinical signs. can be a million different etiologies, and lots of CSs: hematuria, stranguiria, pollakuria, periuria (around the litter box). painful. cry out.
what are some possible etiologies of FLUTD?UTI, uroliths, plugs +/- crystals. obstructions. FIC (feline idiopathic cystitis), foreign bodies, neoplasia, UTI can be viral/bacterial/protozoal/fungal.
MOST COMMON ETIOLOGICAL CAUSE OF FLUTD?FIC (feline idiopathic cystitis)!!! FLUTD is common in YOUNG cats, and most young cats have sterile urine.
most common cause of FIC (feline idiopathic/intersitial cystitis)? How to tx?STRESS!! often goes away on its own (can try to reduce stress)- consider environmental enhancement.
So if FLUTD is caused by there anything you can do diet-wise?INC WATER-- helps dec FLUTD. "low stress" diets can contain tryptophan (converted to serotonin in brain), and hydrolyzed milk protein or sthing.

Emma, Cancer

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what happens with carbs in a cancer pt?futile cycling-- cycles around instead of going through krebs and is generally useless.
what do with carbs in cancer?DEC CARBS-- relative insulin resistance (high BG) and futile cycling
what do with protein in cancer?INC PROTEIN-- bc they have high insulin/lactic acid which is dec protein synth, and have a neg nitrogen balance. inc cytokines/interleukins= more break down of lean mass also. AND they aren't using carbs (futile cycle) so they are breaking down protein instead
what do with fat in cancer?there is inc serum FFA and plasma lipoproteins-- so know body is breaking down fat too, due to influence of cytokines. interleukins drive body breaking down protein and fat. so inc fat and protein (for acute care and cancer pts)
you want insulin because it is a storage enzyme (and currently the body is wasting) so how can you stim insulin cat?DOG: need GLUCOSE/ need some carbs. CAT: Stim via Arginine (amino acid) (shorting lasting than glucose tho, but with cats can basically get away with no carbs)
what can you suppliment in diet to dec inflammation?N3PUFA (omega 3s, EPA)....will take like 8wk tho (so better for cancer than acute care)