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Macro Nutrientschemicals we need a lot of, carbs proteins lipids.
Micro Nutrientschemicals we need in small amounts, vitamins minerals.
CarbohydratesCH2O,glycosidic linkage, monosaccharide, disaccharide, oligosaccharide, polysaccharide..
Monosaccharidechain of 5 or 6 carbon sugars that convert to rings.
Disaccharide2 monosaccharides attached.
Oligosaccharidesugar chain between 2+10 units long.
Polysaccharidebetween 200+2500 glucose units, starches, glycogen, chitin, cellulose.
Why is fiber good for us?makes you full, reduces chance of colon cancer, stops blood sugar spike, blocks cholesterol+LDL, dont get constipated.
Proteinpolymer of amino acids, peptide bond, dipeptide;2aminoacids, tripeptide;3aminoacids, polypeptide;manyaminoacids, protein;1 or more polypeptide chains.
Protein Functionstransporters,enzymes,antibodies,contractile,hormones,energy,receptors,structural,storage
Lipidsglycerol+fatty acid chains, saturated;single bond between carbons, unsaturated;1 or more double bond between carbon.
Glycaridemono;glycerol+1 fatty acid, di;glycerol+2 fatty acids, tri;glycerol+3 fatty acids.
Sterolspart of cell membrane to stiffen, backbone for sex hormones.
Phospholipidsphosphate+glycerol+fatty acid chain, big part of cell membrane.

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