Nursing Pharm Unit 3 Drugs

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Asthma & Pulmonary Disorders

Question Answer
salmeterol / Serevent (long-acting bronchodilator)Beta-adreneric agonist - asthma patients with frequent attacks (inadequately controlled with long-term asthma med)
albuterol / Proventil (short-acting bronchodilator)Beta-adreneric agonist - used to abort acute asthma attack
ipratropium / AtroventAnticholinergic bronchodilator - COPD, chronic bronchitis, emphysema (off-label: asthma), is often used in combination with beta agonist for greater and longer bronchodilation
beclomethasone / Beconase AQ, Qvar, BecloventCorticosteroid anti-inflammatory - prevention and long-term management of asthma, COPD
zafirlukast / AccolateLeukotriene modifier (limits immune response) - asthma, COPD, used only for prophylaxis - NOT FOR ACUTE ATTACK
cromolyn / Intal, NasalCromMast cell stabilizer - asthma, exercise-induced bronchospasm, allergic rhinitis

Allergic Rhinitis & Colds

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diphenhydramine / BenadrylH1-receptor antagonist (antihistamine) - stop histamine rxn (watery eyes, nasal congestion, itch, rash), also motion sickness, insomina
fluticasone / FlonaseIntranasal corticosteriod - suppress histamine release & nasal inflammation associated with allergic rhinitis and colds
oxymetazoline / AfrinSympathomimetic decongestant (activates alpha receptors) - nasal congestion/stuffiness - CAN CAUSE REBOUND CONGESTION
dextromethorphan / Delsym, RobitussinAntitussive (suppresses cough reflex in the medulla) - dry, hacking cough that interferes with needed rest *remember that coughs should not always be suppressed


Question Answer
hydrochlorothiazide / MicrozideThiazide & thiazide-like diuretic - mild to moderate hypertension *drug concern - hypokalemia
spironolactone / AldactonePotassium sparing diurectic - mild hypertension, edema (from heart failure, nephrotic syndrome, liver disease) * drug concern - hyperkalemia
furosemide / LasixLoop (high-ceiling) diurectic - Quickly reduce elevated BP but not best choice for maintenance treatment *drug concern - hypokalemia
nifedipine / ProcardiaSelective Calcium channel blocker - hypertension
verapamil / Calan & diltiazem / CardizemNon-selective Calcium channel blocker - hypertension (and angina)
enalapril / VasotecACE-inhibitor - hypertension, heart failure
doxazosin / CarduraAdrenergic antagonist (alpha-adrenergic blocker) - hypertension, angina, dysrhythmia, MI prophylaxis
hydralazine / ApresolineDirect vasodilator - hypertension, heart failure, angina, MI


Question Answer
atorvastatin / LipitorHMG-CoA reductase inhibitor "Statin" - hypercholesterolemia (lowers LDL, tri; raises HDL)
cholestyramine / QuestranBile acid sequestrant - hypercholesterolemia
gemfibrozil / LopidFibric acid agent - hypercholesterolemia, low HDL levels
nicotinic acid / NiacinVitamin complex (B3) - hypercholesterolemia - *drug concern - available OTC, pt may self-medicate
ezetimibe / ZetiaCholesterol absorption inhibitor - hypercholesterolemia

Angina / MI & Coagulation Disorders

Question Answer
atenolol / TenorminBeta-adrenergic blocker - prophylaxis of angina, MI
nitroglycerin / NitrostatOrganic nitrate - vasospastic angina (acute & chronic, depending on dose, delivery, etc), heart failure
diltiazem / CardizemNon-selective Calcium channel blocker - angina (and hypertension)
reteplase / Retavase, alteplase / Activase, t-PA Thrombolytic (non-specific) *clot buster - acute MI, PE, ischemic stroke, DVT - NO ANTIDOTE
heparinParenteral anticoagulant - drug of choice for acute thromboembolic disorders
Antidote for heparinprotamine sulfate
warfarin / CoumadinOral anticoagulant - prevention and/or treatment of DVT, PE, Afib with embolization
Antidote for warfarinVitamin K
aminocaproic acid / AmicarHemostatic - life-threatening hemorrhage due to systemic hyper-fibrinolysis or urinary fibrinolysis



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