Nursing Pharm Unit 2 Drugs

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phenylephrine / Neo-SynephrineSympathomimetic (Adrenergic Agent) - treats many CV & pulmonary conditions (shock, hyptension, asthma, cardiac arrest, allergy)
prazosin / MinipressAdrenergic Antagonist - Antihypertensive
bethanechol / Duvoid, UrecholineParasympathomimetic (Cholinergic) - Non-obstructive urinary retention agent
atropine / Atro-pen, Atropair, AtrpisolAnticholinergic - hypermobility disease of GI tract, supress secretions during surgery, increase heart rate in pts with bradycardia, ophthalmic disorders
Antidote for phenylephrine ODphentolamine / Regitine (alpha blocker)
Antidote for prazosin ODdopamine or dobutamine
Antidote for bethanechol ODatropine
Antidote for atropine ODphysostigmine salicylate (anticholinergic OD antidote)

Anxiety & Insomina

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escitalopram oxalate / LexaproAntidepressants - anxiety
lorazepam / AtivanBenzodiazepines - anxiety, psychoses, ETOH withdrawal, status epilepticus
zolpidem / AmbienNonbenzodiazepine / nonbarbiturate CNS depressant - insomnia
Antidote for lorazepam ODflumazenil / Romazicon (shorter half-life, monitor for re-sedation)

Emotional & Mood Disorder

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imipramine / TofranilTricyclic antidepressant (fewer SE than MAOIs but more than SSRI) - used for MDD & sometimes situational depression, atypical use: childhood enuresis
sertaline / ZoloftSSRI antidepressant (often first choice for antidepressants due to greater safety)
phenelzine / NardilMAOI antidepressant (often last choice for antidepressants due to many interactions with food/other meds)
lithium / Lithobid, LithaneMood stabilizer - Bipolar disorder
methyphenidate / RitalinCNS stimulant - ADHD

Pain Control

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morphine / MS-Contin, Astramorph PF, DuramorphOpioid analgesic - moderate to severe pain
naloxone / Narcan Opioid antagonist - antidote for acute opioid agonist OD/misuse
aspirinNonopioid analgesic and NSAID salicylates- pain, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant activity
sumatriptan / ImitrexAntimigraine drug - terminate / abort migraines
Antidote for morphine ODnaloxone / Narcan (shorter half-life, monitor for return of opioid effect)
Antidote for aspirin ODactivated charcoal, gastric lavage, laxative

Inflammation & Fever

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ibuprofen / Motrin, AdvilNSAID ibuprofen-like - pain, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory
prednisoneGlucocorticoids - severe inflammation
acetaminophen / TylenolAntipyretics - pain, fever
Antidote for ibuprofen ODNo specific but alkaline drug may increase urinary excretion
Antidote for acetaminophen ODN-acetylcysteine / Acetadote


Question Answer
phenobarbital / LuminalBarbiturates - all major seizures types except absence, induction of anesthesia, used RARELY for sedation/insomnia
diazepam / ValiumBenzodiazepine- absence, myoclonic, & status epilepticus seizures, anxiety/insomnia, ETOH withdrawal
gabapentin / NeurontinAnti-seizure GABA-related drug- seizures, neuropathic pain
phenytoin / DilantinAnti-seizure Sodium Influx, Hydantoins - most seizure types (except absence)
valproic acid / Depakene, DepakoteAnti-seizure Phenytoin-like drugs - tonic/clonic, partial, absence seizures, bipolar disorder
ethosuximide / ZarontinAnti-seizure Calcium Influx, Succinimides - absence seizures, used in combination with other meds for psychomotor, tonic/clonic seizures

Psychoses & Neurodegenerative Disease

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chlorpromazine / ThorzineConventional antipsychotics, Phenothiazines - block positive s/s of psychoses (hallucinations & delusions diminish within days, other symptoms take 7-8 weeks to improve)
haloperidol / HaldolConventional antipsychotics, Nonphenothiazines - block positive s/s of psychoses (slightly less sedation & anticholinergic effects but EPS may be more common)
risperidone / RisperdalAtypical antipsychotic - drug of choice for psychoses because it controls both positive & negative s/s
levodopa / LarodopaDopaminergic - Parkinson's disease
benztropine / CogentinAnticholinergic - Parkinson's disease
donepezil Hcl / AriceptAcetylcholinesterase inhibitors - Alzheimer's disease
Antidote for benztropine ODphysostigmine salicylate (anticholinergic OD antidote)

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