Nursing Informatics - Unit 3

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Section 1 - EHR

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EHR (Electronic Health Record)Captures healthcare information, generates knowledge, enhances care
In 2004, what were President Bush's goals and timeline for EHR implementation?To avoid dangerous medical mistakes, reduce costs, and improve care - in place by 2014 (didn't happen)
In 2009, what was President Obama's timeline and incentives for EHR implementation?Deadline of Jan 2015, incentives: increased CMS reimbursement, imposed penalties if not adopted
What are benefits of EHR?improve cost control, enhance surveillance of disease conditions, reduce med error, decrease use of care (per IOM: control costs, improve care quality)
What are impediments to implementation of EHR?financial burden and concerns over privacy (especially for smaller practices and person's seeking care)
What is 2009 HITECH (Health Info Tech for Economical and Clinical Health) Act?An economic stimulus bill (part of ARRA) to stimulate adoption of EHR, support technology in US, and reduce health disparities

Section 2 - Healthh Info Privacy

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In 1996, what was President Clinton's goal of enacting HIPAA?to curtail health fraud and abuse, enforce standards for health info, guarantee security and privacy, ensure portability for employed persons
What is considered PHI (Protected Health Information)?info relating to one's physical of mental health, provisions or payment of that healthcare that has been e-transmitted and can be reasonably identified to that individual
What is the Privacy rule (2003)?Patients have a right to expect privacy protections that limit the use and disclosure of health info; if violated they may complain to provider or to Office of Civil Rights
What is the Security rule (2005)?Providers must safeguard patients from improper use, maintain integrity, and ensure availability of their health info
Who is impacted by HIPAA?Providers, insurance companies, any business associated with covered entity
What does HIPAA establish as patient rights?they may inspect, copy, or request an amendment to their records (provider is not required to amend)
Enforcement of HIPAA/Privacy/SecurityProvider must fulfill notification requirements within 60 days of breach discovery, failure may result in OCR sanctions
What concerns are associated with i-cloud computing?vendor-controlled, requires providers to relinquish some control while still trying to maintain security

Section 3 - Ethics

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What are ethics?the process of systematically explaining varying viewpoints related to moral questions of right and wrong
What are the guiding principals of ethical care?Autonomy, Non-maleficence, Beneficence, Justice
What ELSI in relation to the Human Genome Project?Ethical, Legal, Social Issues raised by the study of human genomes (i.e. who owns genetic info, who should have access, how to use genetic info)
How does the ANA Code of Ethics protect patients?By mandating that nurses protect a patient's right to privacy and confidentiality
What is a mandated reporter? (nurses)A person who is in regular contact that may suspect or observe the abuse of vulnerable persons (children, elderly, disabled), adults in domestic abuse are not considered vulnerable
What is "To Err if Human"?The 2000 IOM report of healthcare errors- est. 44,000-98,000 people die in US each year as a result of healthcare errors

Section 4 - Safety/Technology Interface

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What is the "Culture of Safety"?acknowledgement of high-risk natures of activities, achieve safe operations through blame-free reporting, collaboration to seek solutions, organizational commitment to address safety concerns
What is human factor engineering?application of what is known about human capabilities and limitations to design of products, systems, work environments to improve performance, user satisfaction, and reduce operational errors
What is alarm fatigue?slow response to legitimate alarms as a result of multiple false alarms and parameters that are too sensitive
How can a blame-free environment improve error reporting?allows for persons to report errors or near misses to be analyzed without fear of reprimand or punishment
What is root cause analysis?examination of med errors to determine system processes that need to change to prevent similar future events (AKA failure modes and effects analysis)
What is BCMA?Bar-code Medication Administration - used to reduce med errors, ensure 5 rights of administration; can be compromised by distraction, short staffing, fatigue, verbal orders, and automated dispensing machines

Section 5 - Library

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Institute limitations such as research, peer-review, or age in CINAHLuse search options AFTER searching the subject by clicking "edit" on search results line
What is the value of using subheading in CINAHL?can be used to narrow or refine search results
What is PubMed?a free, online directory of medical literature, life science journals, and online books, developed/maintained by National Center for Biotechnology Info
What is the advantage/disadvantage of using Proquest to search for nursing journals?there is a smaller pool of literature than found in CINAHL
What to Boolean operators do to search results?"And", "Not" will decrease results, "Or" will increase results
How do patient education and consumer education differ?The purpose of patient education is to promote change, the purpose of consumer education is to relay information

Section 6 - Telehealth

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What is synchronous use?Real-time treatment through use of videoconferencing or telephone - best for more urgent conditions
What is asynchronous use?Delayed treatment through use of store & forward - best for chronic of long-term conditions
What are CHA (Community Health Aides)?Persons who work under a doctors license in a rural area (medical, dental, behavioral health) - scope of practice differs from nurses
What is telehealth Home Care?use of daily home telemonitoring of vital signs, enables off-site nurse to track/address changes in patients condition
Benefits of telehealth?increases healthcare access, increases client satisfaction, decreases healthcare cost
What populations can telehealth assist with?those who are immobilized, in remote areas, with chronic ailments or debilitating disease; educated consumers who want when-needed, as needed care
What is nurse license compacting concept?Acceptance of a nurses license in more than one state (usually bordering states), license must be valid in the state where the patient is located



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