Nursing Foundations - Unit 1 (Theory)

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Section 1

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Florence NightingaleEnvironmental theory: light, cleanliness, air, diet, water.
Sister Callista RoyAdaptation Model: successful adaptation by modifying external stimuli
Imogene KingGoal Attainment Theory: highlights patient and nurse-client interaction to promote patient outcome
Jean WatsonModel of Human Caring: 10 carative factors to establish help and trust between nurse/client
Dorothea OremSelf-care Deficit Model: restore self-care capability, facilitate self-care, meet unmet needs
Martha RogersScience of Unitary Human Beings: 4 dimensional, human/environment energy to promote health
Madeleine LeiningerCultural Care Diversity and Universality: culture care preservation/maintenance to promote health
Hildegard PeplauInterpersonal Relations: therapeutic interpersonal process between nurse/client
Betty NeumanNeuman's Systems Theory: internal and external stressors impact client's health/wellness

Section 2

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Purpose of Nursing Theoryacts as a set of ideals used to describe, explain, and predict
Grand theorybroad range of significant concepts - abstract and difficult to test
Mid-level theoryprovides a framework for understanding events
Practice theory"prescriptive" theories that are situation specific (least abstract)
Metaparadigm of NursingPerson, Environment, Health, Nursing
Lewin's Change TheoryUnfreeze (acknowledge change is needed), Movement (change/new way of doing things), Refreeze (internalize and institute changes)
Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needspyramidal model prioritizing needs. When specific need is met, person is motivated to meet next need
General Systems TheorySystems (the whole) are comprised of elements (parts) working together

Section 3

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Evidence Based PracticeConscientious use of best evidence (research, expertise, pt values, data, history) in making decisions about pt care
Qualitative researchfocus on subjective info to uncover trends/patterns
Quantitative research(RCT) focus on numbers/frequencies
What is the nurse's role in research?to stay knowledgeable about current findings, to question practice for improvements, to participate in investigation

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