Nursing Foundations - Unit 1 (SON)

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Section 1

Question Answer
What are the core values of SONRespect, Integrity, Caring, Excellence
What are the core concepts of the conceptual framework for the Baccalaureate degree?Relationship-centered care, Inquiry, Clinical reasoning, Quality
What are the core beliefs of SON?Professional nursing, Health, Client system, Nursing education, Academic integrity, Teaching-Learning, Critical thinking
What are the SON objectives and policies?Professionalism, Follow agency-specific policies, Maintain safety, Clinical communication, Clinical activities, Confidentiality, Respect and sensitivity
What is the SON philosophy of teaching and learning?Goal-directed learning that is fostered by learner responsibility and enhanced by logically presented experiences with clear objectives. Learning should be relevant, futuristic, and lifelong.

Section 2

Question Answer
Class preparationactive participation, reading done prior to class, learning objectives used to prepare
Class exams3 points deducted from exams not taken on scheduled date, discrepancies must be submitted in writing no later than one week from test date
Assignmentssubmit in MS Word or rtf, submit to BB unless directed otherwise, ALL assignments must be submitted, concerns must be addressed within one week
Grade breakdownExams = 75% of grade, Assignments = 25% of grade

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