Nursing Final

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Question Answer
What is the main function of the Missouri State Board of Nursing?Main function is to protect the public
What is the difference of the Nurse Practice Act and the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses?ANA Code of Ethics indicates HOW we practice nursing and treat people we care for; the NPA upholds the law and enforces the scope of practice within the level of nursing
What is the Scope of Practice?It describes the procedures, actions and processes that a healthcare practitioner is permitted to undertake keeping in mind the terms of their training and education.
What is altruism?The concern for the welfare and wellbeing of others.
What is autonomy?The right to self determination; self governing
What is non-maleficence?The principle of avoiding evil
What is beneficence?Principle of doing good
What are the levels of Maslow's hierarchy of needs?1. Physiologic (food, water, shelter, oxygen, rest, elimination) 2. Safety & Security (protected from harm physically and psychologically) 3. Love & belonging 4. Self-esteem 5. Self actualization
What is the primary level of health promotion?Prevention; to protect people from developing a disease, illness, or injury
What is the secondary level of health promotion?Intervention that occurs AFTER an illness or serious risk factor is identified Ex: pap smear, mammogram, screenings...
What is the tertiary level of health promotion?Helping people manage complicated, chronic health problems Ex: meds, surgery, rehab
What is health?The state of optimal functioning or well-being
What is illness?abnormal process in which any aspect of the person's functioning is altered
What is disease?pathologic change in the structure or function of the body or mind
How does illness affect individuals and families?Stress, economic/financial problems, descrease in social interactions
Leading cause of death: InfantDrowning, suffocation, and falls
Leading cause of death: ToddlersAccidents such as falls, suffocation, aspiration
Leading cause of death: PreschoolersAccidents from MVA's, drowning, burns and poisoning
Leading cause of death: School Aged ChildrenAccidents from MVA's, drowning, fires, falls, burns and poisoning
Leading cause of death: Adolescents and young adultsInjuries from MVA's with use of alcohol and drugs, risky behaviors, suicide, homicide
Leading cause of death: Middle Age AdultsMalignant neoplasms; cardiovascular disease, unintentional injury from poison
Leading cause of death; Older AdultDecline in overall functioning, loss of strength which causes falls, opportunistic diseases during times of illness
In regards to a fire, what does the acronym RACE stand for?Rescue anyone in immediate danger. Activate the fire code system and notify the appropriate person. Confine the fire by closing doors and windows. Evacuate patients and other people to a safe area.
Name 5 different safety assessmentsNursing history, physical assessment, safety risks/hazards, environment assessment, and Morse fall scale