Nursing 100 - Exam 1 - Wellness and Health Promotion Part 1

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A state of life that is balanced, personally satisfying, and characterized by th ability to adapt and to participate in activities that enhance quality of lifeWellness
Immunizations, healthy diet, health teaching, genetic counseling, and correct use of safety equipmentPrimary Prevention
Resolving health problems and preventing serious consequences, such as screenings, blood tests, x-rays, surgery, and dental careSecondary Prevention
Activity to restore the individual to the highest possible level of health and functioning, such as rehabilitationTertiary Prevention
Weight-control measures, exercise, management of stress, coping with life experiencesHealth Promotion


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The health belief model has 4 perceptions that influence the decision to act to prevent illnessOne is vulnerable to an illness, the effects of the illness are serious, the behavior prevents the illness, the benefit of reducing a risk is greater than the cost of the preventive behavior
Prediction theory representing a sociopsychological method for predicting health behaviorTheory of Reasoned Action/Planned Behavior
Model that focuses on individual characteristics and behaviors, and variables that impact motivation and behavioral outcomesHealth Promotion Model
The guidelines for smoking cessation include the five Asask, advise, assess, assist, and arrange
A 19-year-old African American male comes into the clinic with an arm laceration needing stitches. The nurse realizes this client has adverse factors within which health indicator?Injury and violence
A client is being seen in the emergency department after a motor vehicle accident. Which of the following immunizations might this client need?Tetanus booster
A client with congestive heart failure is being assessed. Which of the following immunizations might this client need?Penumococcal


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When the nurse's approach is from a wellness perspective, the goals of nursing care would includeProviding a pamphlet on the food pyramid
When asked about the two broad goals stated in the report Healthy People 2010, the nurse's best response is that The goals include increasing the quality of a healthy life for the U.S. citizens, andEliminating inequalities of health care
The nurse informs parents that the best term for the growth and development principle that explains an infant's abilities to grasp things with his hands before being able to control individual fingers isProximal to distal
Proximal to distal explainsgrowth and development from the center of the body outward
When the child about to undergo amputation of the left leg to treat bone cancer comments, "I'll probably fall a lot until I get used to my fake leg," the child is demonstrating which stage of cognitive development according to Piaget?Stage 4: formal operations
This theory explores how people learn and think, reason, and use languageCognitive theory
Piaget Stage 1Birth to 2 years, sensorimotor, describes infant response primarily through reflexes to purposeful movement and organized activity
Piaget Stage 22 to 7 years, preoperational skill, describes the child¿s perspective as highly egocentric, viewing the world only from an individual perspective
Piaget Stage 37 to 11 years, concrete operations, describes symbolic functioning
Piaget Stage 411 to adulthood, formal operations, relates to the ability to use rational thinking and deductive reasoning


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The nurse is assessing a baby and notices that the individual fingers do not always move independently. Which principle of growth and development is this nurse seeing?Proximal to distal
The mother of a three-month-old is concerned that her baby is not yet able to sit up alone. An appropriate response for the nurse to make to this mother would beThe baby is too young to expect him to be able to do that alone, starts sitting around 6 months
During a clinic visit, the nurse notices that a mother of a three-month-old infant does not look at the baby and holds the infant in a guarded way. The nurse realizes this behavior might be an indication ofFailure to engage
The father of a two-year-old toddler is concerned that the child is showing no interest in the new tricycle he bought for his son. Which of the following would be an appropriate response for the nurse to make to this parent?I would not be concerned since riding a tricycle is something that is done around age three
The mother of a four-year-old is frustrated because her daughter thinks she should always get what she wants, whenever she wants it! An appropriate response for the nurse to make to this mother would beIt sounds like your child is an average preschooler


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A clinging, frightened preschooler in a nonthreatening situation may be a child wholacks trust
During the assessment of a preschooler the nurse notices the child clings to his mother and won't make eye contact. The nurse recognizes this behavior might be an indication ofLack of trust development
During a clinic visit, a school-age child tells the nurse he has no real interests and his parents are rarely home. The nurse realizes that this child might be at risk forEnvironmental deprivation
Which of the following statements reflect a commonly accepted principle related to the progression of growth and development in all individuals?Growth and development occurs in a head to toe direction
Failure to achieve which task of Erikson's psychosocial theory stages of ego development may result in an adolescent displaying introverted behaviors and avoiding peer relationshipsIndustry vs. inferiority
Select the theory that reflects the critical nature of enduring relationships during infancy as an antecedent to healthy interactions with others in the futureAttachment theory


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Lordosis is commonly assessed at which stage of growth and development?Toddlers
The following is see in toddlersprotruding abdomens
The nurse is conducting a health exam on a 9-month infant and wants to assess if the baby has developed the concept of object permanence. Which activity should the nurse perform?Place a toy under a blanket in front of the baby to see if the infant will look for it
Crisis in the integrity versus despair developmental stage could be resolved byWriting a life review to share with one's family
A concerned mother is expressing her frustration to the nurse in the doctor's office regarding her adolescent son's newly developed interest in "weird" looking clothes and wanting to wear hair that is longer than usual. Which statement regarding adolescent behavior would be accurate for the nurse to share with the mother?It is normal at this age to look for ways to express individual identity
A first-time mother is concerned about "spoiling" her 6-week-old baby because the mother attends to the infant each time the infant cries. What response by the nurse, based on Erikson's stages, would be accurate to give this mother?Responding to your baby's cries will help establish a sense of security and trust as you provide comfort to her
In the stage of young adulthood (20-40), the individual is establishing a career and independent lifestyle separate from the family of origin. Other tasks of this period includeSearching for meaning and developing a philosophy of life


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The nurse's knowledge of which of the following areas informs the nurse regarding the Jamaican-American client?Ethnicity
Socially transmitted beliefs, behaviors, values, customs, lifestyles, and ways of thinking of a specific population that guides worldview and decision makingCulture
identification of an individual or group by shared genetic heritage and biologic or physical characteristicsRace
shared interest, ethnic heritage, religion, or geography and nationalityEthnicity
tendency to believe that one's own beliefs, way of life, values, and customs are superior to those of othersEthnocentrism
When the nurse observes the facial features of a client, the nurse recognizes the client's individuality in terms ofRace
Slow assimilation has been associated primarily with which of the following populations?Cuban-Americans
A female Latino client turns to her husband when the nurse asks a question about her health. The nurse realizes that this client is demonstrating which type of culture?Nonmaterial
NonmaterialNonmaterial culture is composed of the verbal and nonverbal language, beliefs, customs, and social structures


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The nurse is observed talking rudely to a client of a non-American culture. When approached about this behavior, the nurse responds, "These people have no right to be in the United States." This nurse is demonstratingEthnocentrism
A male client tells the nurse, "I have to make sure my parents don't find out about what my friends and I do after school. It would be disgraceful." The nurse realizes this client is demonstratingAssimilation
During the assessment of an Arab American client, the nurse is told, "I'm sick because that man on the bus gave me the evil eye." The nurse realizes this client has been demonstratingA health belief
The female Chinese client states, "I will say nothing until my husband comes from parking the car." The nurse realizes this client is demonstratingFamily pattern
The family pattern within Chinese-Americans ismale dominance
A Cuban-American client tells the nurse, "The remedy didn't work so I'm here to find more help." The nurse realizes this client is demonstratingA health belief
A Native-American tells the nurse, "The medicine man told me that I am imbalanced and gave me pellets to use every day for three weeks." The nurse realizes this client is describingA health practice


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In a magico-religious belief systemhealth and illness are believed to be controlled supernaturally or are seen as God's will.
A 68-year-old client tells the nurse, "I will not worry about getting sick because it is all in God's will." The nurse realizes this client is demonstratingA magico-religious health belief
During the assessment of a Mexican-American, the nurse notices the client turns to her husband prior to answering any questions. The nurse realizes this client is demonstratingSocial organization
The client is an African-American. The client would like to pursue a career in international business. The client¿s decision will be most likely influenced byGrandmother because mothers and grandmothers play an important role in decision-making
attribute illnesses to magico-religious beliefsHispanic
attribute illness to an imbalance in healthChinese-Americans
tribute health and illness to harmony with surroundingsNative Americans
believe health is an individual responsibilityEuropean Americans


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Which of the following would the nurse understand to indicate a sign of respect for a Chinese-American client?Punctuality for all visits
dislike touch by strangersChinese-Americans
Eye contact is considered rude and impolite in many cultures
Nodding is common during conversationFilipino-Americans
The nurse recognizes that individuals who believe that illness is caused by a breakdown in body processes and functions are members of which of the following health belief groups?The bio-medical health belief group


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believes that illness is the result of disharmonyHolistic health belief group
believe illness to be caused by a breakdown in body processes and functions and germs and viruses cause illnessThe bio-medical health belief group
What health practices should the nurse understand when treating Arab-American clients?Greatest respect is given to male physicians, sometimes avoid health prevention strategies, The family oversees care
What cultural beliefs should the nurse be aware of that would influence the nurse's health assessment of Chinese-American clients?Yin and Yang are two forces in balance to maintain health, Dislike touch by strangers, Do not always provide complete information about all healthcare treatments
An example of dietary concerns the nurse should be aware of when treating African-American clients includesHigh fat diet, High risk for lactose intolerance
A client brings her very ill Appalachian mother into a family clinic for treatment. Which statement indicates the nurse is culturally competent?Have you used any treatments other than the treatments prescribed by your physician?


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When the nurse assesses the client¿s knee for vibration, the nurse has used which technique?Percussion
In order to assess skin texture, the nurse uses which of the following techniques?Palpation
When the nurse places only the hyperextended middle finger of the non-dominant hand over the area being examined, and uses only wrist action of the dominant hand to deliver two sharp blows using only the middle finger of the dominant hand, the nurse is using the technique ofIndirect percussion
When the nurse percusses the client¿s abdomen and hears a loud, high-pitched, drum-like tone of medium duration, the nurse describes the sound asTympany
loud, low-pitched, hollow tone of long durationResonance
high-pitched tone that is soft and of short durationDullness
high-pitched tone, very soft, of very short durationFlatness
Which sound produced by percussion can be distinguished not only by its tone, but also because it is the sound that is of the longest duration?Hyperresonance
In order to assess the number of vibrations of sound per second, the nurse uses percussion and describes the finding asPitch
the softness or loudness of the soundIntensity or amplitude
length of time of the produced soundDuration
recognizable overtones produced by the vibrationQuality


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When the nurse detects papilledema, the nurse has used which feature of an ophthalmoscope?Red-free filter
used for undilated pupilssmall aperture
viewing dilated pupilslarge aperture
allows the examiner to assess the size, location, and pattern of any lesionsthe grid
When the nurse is palpating the chest wall, he will apply which part of the fingers and hand in order to gain the best perception of vibrations?The base of the fingers
fingers are most sensitive to temperaturedorsal surfaces
hand is most sensitive to fremitusulnar surface
used for discrimination of underlying structures and functions, such as pulses and superficial lymphthe finger pads
Moderate palpation is described as pressure downward to a depth of1-2cm