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Economic data

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CPI inflation6.07 July 16 , 5.77 June
Unemployment rate1.7 per cent in rural and 3.4 per cent in urban areas, previous report of 2013, unemployment rate was 1.5 per cent in rural and 4.8 per cent in urban areas
Overall unemployment rate accto census6.8 p.c. in 2001 to 9.6 p.c. in 2011
Foreign exchange reserves$367.16 billion
Public debt66.5% of GDP (2016)
Budget deficit3.9% of GDP (2015–16)
Target deficit3.5%
2015-16 GDP growth7.6%
Agriculture (2015-16 growth rate)1.2%
Mining and quarrying (2015-16 growth rate7.4%
Manufacturing (2015-16 growth rate9.3%
Electricity, gas, water supply and other utility services 2015-16 growth rate6.6%
Construction (2015-16 growth rate3.9%
Trade, hotels, transport, communication and services related to broadcasting (2015-16 growth rate9%
Financial, insurance, real estate and professional services (2015-16 growth rate10.3%
Public administration and defence and other services (2015-16 growth rate6.6%
Jan -Mar GDP growth7.9
June quarter 17.1
Revenue deficit2.5 % GDP

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Ease of biz130