Nucleophiles and Electrophiles of Transcription and Translation

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Section 1

Question Answer
Nucleophiles of Transcription3' end of OH from Ribose
Nucleophiles of RNA SplicingNucleophilic attack of Guanosine 3'OH
Nucleophiles of 1st step pf aminoacylation of tRNACarboxyl group of aa
Nucleophiles of 2nd step of aminoacylation of tRNAHydroxyl group on the terminal adenosine of tRNA
Nucleophiles of Peptide bond formationα-amino acid group of aa in A site
Nucleophiles of Peptide bond terminationH2O

Section 2

Question Answer
Electrophile of Transcriptionα-Phosphate of incoming nucleotide base
Electrophile of RNA SplicingPhosphate at 5' end of splice site
Electrophile of 1st step pf aminoacylation of tRNAα-Phosphate of ATP
Electrophile of 2nd step of aminoacylation of tRNACarboxyl group on aminoacyl-AMP
Electrophile of Peptide bond formationCarbonyl group on aa in P site
Electrophile of Peptide bond terminationCarbonyl group on aa in terminal site