Nuclear energy

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size of strong nuclear force200N


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what happens in nuclear fusion (binding energy)the process by which small nuclei (up until around mass number 56 at 8.7MEV) fuse together to form a larger nucleus with a higher binding energy per nucleon
describe induced fissionwhen a uranium or plutonium isotope nucleus splits into 2 approximately equal fragment by bombarding them with low energy neutrons


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the nuclear reactorinside a nuclear reactor it contains uranium235 fuel rods spaced evenly in a reactor core, which also contains control rods and a coolant used to make steam to drive the turbines which turn electricity generator turbines in a power station
what is the role of the control rodsto control rate of fission by absorbing neutrons, the depth of them is adjusted to keep the number of neutrons in the core constant so that 1 fission neutron per fission event goes onto to produce further fission
what is the role of the moderatorthe fuel rods are placed in here, normally water, to slow down or absorb neutrons; it slows down neutrons enough to allow them to cause further fusion keeping the reactor going at a steady rate; absorbs more neutrons the higher the temperature so reduces chance of meltdown
role of coolantremoves the heat produced by fission (normally water) and used to make steam for powering electricity-generating turbines.

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