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Question Answer
Which best describes the New Testament?fulfillment
The apocryphal books were written between the years:430 B.C. and A.D. 100
In what way does the New Testament mediate God’s presence? It is truth
How many books are there in the New Testament?twenty-seven
How many books of prophecy are in the New Testament?one
An authoritative collection of documents is called:a canon
In 2 Maccabees the seven sons were tortured and their mother killed because they:refused to betray their faith
What is the basis for the writings of the New Testament?Old Testament
The combination of divine and human elements is called:concursus
Which word means “God-breathed”?inspired
What was the length of the time period over which the New Testament canon emerged?Three centuries
What was not a significant reason for including books in the New Testament canon?They were validated by ancient historians
A handwritten copy of a writing is called:a manuscript
How many papyrus manuscripts of the New Testament have been catalogued?one hundred fifteen
A papyrus fragment of which Gospel is commonly dated to A.D. 125?John
Who was the first church leader who quoted from the New Testament?Clement of Rome
Which subject would be least valuable to the student of the New Testament?medicine
How many of the New Testament books are personal letters? twenty-four
Under which ruler did Christ enter history?Augustus
Who is responsible for identifying the person before Christ as a praeparatio evangelium?early Church Fathers
In which district of Palestine did Jesus grow up?Galilee
Between Galilee and Judea is: Samaria
What is the major city of Judea?Jerusalem
Who built a community in the wilderness area of the Dead Sea?Essenes

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Question Answer
The Dead Sea is the lowest natural place on earth, being below sea level by: 1,290 feet
The Dead Sea Scrolls were hidden when the Romans attacked in A.D.66
Who was the most noted Jewish historian of the first century? Josephus
In which year did Cyrus become king of Persia?559 B.C
The “time of restoration” is best defined as: series of emigrations to Palestine
Who first brought European might to the Middle East? Alexander the Great
Which Old Testament prophet prophesied that swine’s flesh would be offered at a pagan altar in the temple at Jerusalem?Daniel
The Hasmoneans were members of the family of:Mattathias
The Hasidim were:pious warriors
Under whose reign were thousands of Jews massacred?Alexander Jannaeus
Which Roman general conquered Jerusalem in 63 B.C.? Pompey
An ethnarch is:the local governor of an area
In 44 B.C. the Middle East was thrust into turmoil because of: the assassination of Caesar
Whom did Josephus describe as “a man of great barbarity towards all equally and a slave to his passion”? Herod the Great
Who was responsible for making Mary and Joseph take Jesus to Nazareth rather than Bethlehem? Archelaus
For personal reasons who was responsible for John the Baptist being beheaded?Herodias
Which procurator of Judea and Samaria was the most corrupt and ruthless?Albinus

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Question Answer
Which Roman completed the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70?Titus
After the final devastation of Jerusalem, Christians directed their efforts at: Gentiles
Which best describes Judaism?a way of lifestyle
Which was not a primary unifying factor for the Jews? doctrinal position
The diaspora refers to:the scattered Jews
Which was not a function of the synagogue?commerce
How many laws did the Jews live by?1,000s
Which religious group was the most influential in Jesus’ day?Pharisees
When were the first scrolls found at Qumran?1947
Which religious group was most likely to use violence to advance their cause?Zealots
Apocalyptic emphases can be found in:Old Testament, intertestamental literature, New Testament
The small box of black leather worn on the forehead of Jewish men is called: tephillin
The phrase “it is written” as used as a reference to the Old Testament Scriptures means it:comes directly from God
Samaritans differed most from Jews in respect to:the designated place of worship
By Jesus’ time the parts of the Old Testament that were acknowledged as Scripture were: law, prophets, and writings
LXX is the abbreviation for: the Septuagint
The targums were written in:Aramaic
The Midrash is basically: an explanation of the Old Testament
Who was the author of the History of the Jewish War? Josephus

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