NT Midterm #2

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Section 1

Question Answer
What is meant by the term kerygma?preached message
Approximately how many Old Testament prophecies about Jesus are recorded in the New Testament?eighty
The special material that Luke wanted to include in his Gospel had been obtained from:Mary, the mother of Jesus
To whom did Luke say, “Many have undertaken to draw up an account of the things that have been fulfilled among us”?Theophilus
Whose work includes the earliest description of the Gospels?Justin Martyr
What is the date of Justin Martyr’s description? A.D. 155
Which best describes the Gospels?biographical sermons
The primary purpose of the Gospels is to: call people to faith
Which does not provide an adequate reason for why the Gospels were written?To provide facts that would help future Christians predict the time of Christ’s return
What is the most important argument for believing that the Gospels are true? They were all written by eyewitnesses of Christ
The message that Jesus is the Lord who died and rose again for our salvation is the heart of the _______ not the whole of it.Gospel
The Gospels include all the actions and words of Jesus: False
Which of the following is not a reason for writing the Gospels? Caesar needed a clear understanding of facts in order to judge Paul
Until recent times the only question that had not been raised about the Gospel of Matthew was:whether Matthew was the author
The titles of the Gospels cannot be dated any later than A.D. 125
The reasons some New Testament scholars give for Matthew not being the author of the Gospel of Matthew can best be said to be:speculative
New Testament critics suggest that the author of the Gospel of Matthew might be:a Hellenistic Christian
Which is the least likely date for the writing of the Gospel of Matthew?A.D. 110
What is the purpose of the Gospel of Matthew? to present a life of Christ
To which place for the writing of the Gospel of Matthew does the Didache lend support?Syrian Antioch
If a Sunday school teacher wanted to emphasize the kingdom using what Jesus himself had taught, which reference would he or she use?Matthew 13:1–53

Section 2

Question Answer
Who led Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted? the Holy spirit
Matthew introduces Jesus as the son of: David
A major theme of the Gospel of Matthew is that: Jesus added Gentiles to the people of God
By including accounts about disease, demons, and destiny, Matthew was making a case for Jesus being: the supreme authority
Matthew recorded Jesus’ teaching everywhere except: in prisons
The Gospel of Matthew is the only Gospel that:mentions a church by name
The Gospel of Mark can best be described as: a long short story
Why has the Gospel of Mark become the favorite Gospel today? It has been a focus of modern biblical scholarship
Whose testimony is of greatest importance in establishing the authorship of the Gospel of Mark?Papias
What is the name of the bishop of Hierapolis in Phrygia at the beginning of the second century?Papias
Mark’s writing can be termed episodic because he:wrote down single points
The presbyter to whom Mark refers is most likely:John
Mark had to be dependent on other eyewitnesses for his information since he himself was personally not there to witness the events he recorded in his Gospel. Who is most likely to be the person on whom he relied?Peter
Mark disappointed Paul because he:left and went back to Jerusalem on the first missionary journey
On what type of grounds is the denial of Mark’s authorship of the Gospel of Mark by contemporary scholars based?dogmatic
Which date is too late for the writing of the Gospel of Mark?A.D. 70
What characteristic of the Gospel of Mark least points to Rome as the place where Mark wrote it?There is a “Jewishness” about the Gospel of Mark
What is the central theme of the Gospel of Mark? There is a “Jewishness” about the Gospel of Mark
Which prophet does Mark quote at the beginning of his Gospel?Isaiah

Section 3

Question Answer
At which event in the life of Christ does the Gospel of Mark begin?baptism of Christ by John
Where did Jesus say, “Your sins are forgiven”?Capernaum
How did Peter respond after seeing the miracles Jesus performed?“You are the Christ”
What was the emotional reaction of the disciples when Jesus calmed the storm in Mark 4:41?fear
When Jesus was transfigured, he talked with:Moses
Who did not recognize that Jesus was supernatural? religious leaders
Mark demonstrates the importance of the death and resurrection of Jesus in the attention he gives it. Out of sixteen chapters, how many did he write that were devoted to the last week of Jesus’ life?six
Who made the statement at the Last Supper: “The Son of Man will go, just as it is written about him”?Jesus
Why did Jesus tell the disciples to be quiet about his messiahship? because they didn’t understand it
Luke wrote the Gospel of Luke to answers questions posed by a government official from:Rome
Which was not included in Luke’s procedure for writing his Gospel?evaluation of the materials by a group of early Christians
Whom does Luke address in Luke 1:3?Theophilus
Which person of those who affirmed Luke’s authorship of the Gospel of Luke was actually an opponent of the church?Marcion
Which is not one of the arguments critics use to support their case that the Gospel of Luke was written by someone other than Luke? Luke’s close friend, Paul, gives evidence that Luke did not write the Gospel of Luke
By profession Luke was: a physician
In which Prison Letter was Luke mentioned?Philemon
What other New Testament book was written as a joint project with the Gospel of Luke? Acts
The Gospel of Luke was most likely written between: A.D. 55 and 65
It has been suggested that the Gospel of Luke was written in all these places except: Cyprus
In treating the topics about Jesus proclaiming salvation, calling his disciples, and fulfilling his destiny in Jerusalem, Luke is emphasizing:the work of Jesus
Luke traces Jesus’ ancestry as far back as: Adam
Jesus’ birth took place when Quirinius was governor of:Syria
Who said that Jesus was a light of revelation to the Gentiles?Simeon

Section 4

Question Answer
When Jesus began his ministry in Nazareth, he read the passage that says: The spirit of the Lord is on me
Luke is the only Gospel writer who records:that Elizabeth, John’s mother, was related to Mary
Luke’s record of Jesus’ treatment of women indicates that Jesus: acted as if women were of value
Luke made the point that Jesus’ treatment of women was superior to the treatment given to them by:the rabbis
The type of attention that Luke gives to Mary at the conception of Jesus, Elizabeth, John the Baptist, Zechariah, and Simeon suggests that he places priority on the role of: the Holy Spirit
What warning did Jesus give about the Holy Spirit? Consequences were grave if someone blasphemed the Holy Spirit
Matthew, Mark, and Luke contain similar stories, chronologies, and teachings. For this reason they are called: Synoptic
Approximately what percentage of the content of the Gospel of John is parallel to Matthew, Mark, and Luke? 10
The geographical focus of Jesus’ ministry as recorded in the Gospel of John is in and around:Jerusalem
How does the content of John’s Gospel relate to the content of Matthew, Mark, and Luke? It supplements the content
While the Synoptic Gospels focus on a one-year ministry of Jesus, the Gospel of John focuses on a ministry of: three years
Who said that if everything Jesus did was recorded the world could not contain the volumes of books? John
Which critical scholar demonstrated his belief that John was not the author of the Gospel of John by not discussing the subject of authorship? Bultmann
The earliest source where the Gospel of John was clearly used was in the work of:Ignatius of Antioch
Which early writer recorded that John wrote the Gospel of John when John was in Ephesus?Irenaeus
The most criticism about Johannine authorship of the Gospel of John from modern critical scholars is aimed at:Christology
John wrote his Gospel in the city of: Ephesus
The Gospel of John was written in the A.D. 90s

Section 5

Question Answer
John most clearly related to the prophetic element of the Old Testament when he called Jesus: Messiah
The first thing about Jesus that was questioned was his:humanity
In his incarnation Jesus became:human
For John, the theological impact of Jesus’ incarnation was that only one who was truly human could be a true: redeemer
The Gospel of John is explicit in identifying what believers should: believe
The Gospel of John addresses the key theological principles of light, glory, and:truth
According to John 20:31 why did John write his letter? In order that readers might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and by believing have life in his name.
What is the primary source of information about Jesus?Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
Who traced Jesus back to a point before time was recorded?John
The authors of this textbook date the birth of Jesus at: 6 B.C
Who was Gabriel? An angel
Who was the first to receive the news that Jesus was to be born?Mary
The magi who brought gifts to the baby Jesus were most likely:astrologers
The magi most likely were from:Mesopotamia
Who told Joseph to take Jesus to Egypt?God
When did Mary and Joseph leave Egypt to return to Nazareth? 4 B.C.
How many incidents were recorded about the early years of Jesus’ life? one
How old was Jesus when he first was taken to Jerusalem?twelve
What did John the Baptist preach against? religious behavior
For which activity of Herod Antipas did John the Baptist’s preaching cause his arrest?marrying the wife of his brother
At which place was John the Baptist imprisoned?Machaerus
Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River near a place called:Bethany

Section 6

Question Answer
Jesus was baptized in order to:fulfill all righteousness
When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness, he found his strength and guidance primarily from: the Scriptures
What place became the center of Christ’s ministry during his Galilean ministry?Capernaum
More often than not, criticism of Jesus focused on his: calling Gentiles to faith
At what place did Jesus clarify himself and his mission to his disciples? Caesarea Philippi
Which apostle began to rebuke Jesus?Peter
Jesus ended his ministry in Galilee in about:A.D. 29
In which Gospel do we find the most extensive coverage of Jesus’ ministry in Judea during the winter of A.D. 29–30? Luke
What highlighted Jesus’ ministry at Bethany? raising of Lazarus from the dead
On the Sunday before Passover, Jesus presented himself in Jerusalem as: Messiah
How did Judas identify Jesus to the temple police in the Garden of Gethsemane?He greeted Jesus with a kiss
Jesus was interrogated first by:Annas
How long did it take Jesus to die? Six hours
Which two individuals prepared the body of Jesus for burial?Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemas
Which of Jesus’ disciples did not believe Jesus had risen? Thomas
From the life of Christ, what lesson about death is most clearly taught?Death is the beginning of a new life for believers
Jesus came primarily as: a preacher-teacher