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Who was the author of The Harmony of the Gospels?Augustine
During the Reformation, the key book about the Gospels was written byCalvin
The Sitz im Leben for most of the Gospel pericopae is:the life of the early church
In redaction criticism, the focus was placed on thewriters of the Gospels.
Demythologizing—a term coined by Hans Jonas—was popularized byBultmann
What would a critical scholar be most likely to do with the “myth” of the resurrection?remove the supernatural element from the story of the resurrection
Who wrote The Quest of the Historical Jesus? Albert Schweitzer
Which country was the dominant military and political force of the second century?Rome
Octavian was known in the New Testament asCaesar Augustus.
Who was the Roman emperor when Christ was born?Caesar Augustus.
Which Roman emperor is most known for his persecution of Christians?Nero
One of the reasons that Christianity was able to grow so much in the first century was because of the pax romana.
The influence of ancient Greek and Roman mythology is demonstrated in Acts 14:12 when Christian missionaries weregreeted as Zeus and Hermes.
During which festival in Jerusalem did Christ’s spirit move in an unusual way?Pentecost
How many accepted Christ at Pentecost? three thousand
Both Jews and early Christians did not believe:God demanded adherence to dietary law
Conflict over Jewish custom arose between early Christians and Jews in theA.D. 40s
In what year did the Jerusalem Council take place? A.D. 49
The Jerusalem Council was convened toreach a consensus about how Mosaic rules should be applied to Gentile converts.

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Who is the author of Acts?Luke
When was Acts most likely written? early A.D. 60s
Acts of the Apostles is primarily concerned with the ministry of Paul
The earliest proclamation about the dead and risen Jesus is best called kerygma
Acts is primarily a historical narrative
Which Old Testament prophet did Peter use in his sober message at Pentecost?Joel
In Acts 5:19 who released the apostles when they were imprisoned?an angel
Who was the first martyr?Stephen
Whose sermon recorded in Acts 7 summed up the key elements of apostolic instruction in the early church? Stephen
What former enemy of the church witnessed the stoning of Stephen?Saul
Acts is most likely a sequel to which Gospel?Luke
Where was the gospel of salvation through Jesus first preached?Jerusalem
Why is Philip the evangelist a significant figure in Acts?He was the first to take the gospel outside Jerusalem
Those who pretended to repent and became involved in the church in order to gain personally are like the New Testament character Simon the sorcerer.
Peter had an important vision when staying at the home of Simon the tanner.
Who converted a sorcerer?Philip the evangelist
Who announced to Paul the restoration of his eye sight? Ananias
Who had a good reputation for her exemplary care of the poor?Tabitha
Who was a key figure in the Antioch Ministry?Barnabas
Which of the following was the first apostle to die for Jesus?James, the brother of John

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Question Answer
The Antioch church was important because itbecame the primary missionary church of early Christianity.
Who did the Antiochian church send with Paul on the first missionary journey?Barnabas
Who joined Paul and Silas at Lystra on the second missionary journey? Timothy
How long did the second missionary journey last?three years
Where did Paul have his longest known ministry?Ephesus
Paul was saved from scourging because of hisRoman citizenship.
Whose idea was it for Paul to be tried by Caesar?Paul’s
The Prison Letters includeThessalonians.
How long was Paul imprisoned in Rome?2 years
What symbolic importance does Jerusalem retain even today?Zion, the city of God.
Paul was most likely educated inJerusalem.
The issue of the law was addressed by Paul most in the books of Romans and Galatians.
Which term does Paul use the most in his writing when referring to the Messiah?Christ
In which passage does Paul emphasize Christ’s oneness with God and yet his willingness to take on a human form?Philippians 2:6–11
Christ’s death “as a ransom for all” is calledsubstitutionary atonement.
On what event does the message of Christ stand?resurrection
Parousia isthe second coming.
Eschatology is best defined asthe study of last things.
How many Epistles are generally assumed to be written by Paul?thirteen
Which book has had the greatest influence on world history?Romans

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Question Answer
The earliest church leader in Rome wasClement.
Paul wrote Romans while inGreece.
Paul teaches that sinful people can ultimately be granted salvation only byfaith
Paul concludes his Epistle to the Romans witha doxology.
Who said that understanding of Romans was a key to understanding all Scripture?Calvin
The most likely date for the writing of Romans is A.D. 57–58
What city of the Roman Empire was the greatest city of classical antiquity in the West? Rome
The church that was the most confused was the church atCorinth
The most significant problem among Corinthian Christians was sexual excesses
The Jewish population of Corinth grew substantially inA.D. 49.
Whom did Paul send to deliver the letter to the Corinthian church? Timothy
For whom was the Jerusalem collection intended?Jewish Christians in Palestine
What happened to the church at Corinth as a result of Paul’s first letter to them?conditions got worse
Paul took delight in hisweakness
What did the Corinthian church openly question about Paul’s message?authority
What is the best meaning of orthodoxy? true biblical teaching and practice
The Jerusalem collection was one of the major accomplishments ofPaul’s ministry
Where did Paul and Barnabas begin their evangelistic thrust on the first missionary journey?Syrian Antioch
At which place was Paul stoned and left for dead?Lystra
Who were the Judaizers? agitators who tried to combine the gospel with Jewish practice

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