NT Final #2

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Section 1

Question Answer
A person who is an antinomian does not believe inrules
What lends the strongest support for holding to the Pauline authorship of Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon?Paul is named as the author in the first part of the letter.
Which deity was the center of pagan worship in Ephesus?Diana
What is the most likely source of the image of God’s armor that is used in Ephesians? Isaiah
The church at Philippi had been founded by Paul andSilas
What did Paul not identify as a hindrance to the gospel in his letter to the Philippians?Gentile converts
A central thrust of Paul’s letter to the Philippians was to admonish them about theirself-centeredness.
The best meaning for the word kurios isLord
Who founded the Colossian church?Epaphras
The basic message of Colossians is aboutChrist
Paul’s letter to Philemon deals with Onesimus, who wasa slave.
In his letter to Philemon, it was most significant that Paul bucked the culture.
To whom did Paul take the gospel first when he focused on evangelism? Jews of the area
At what place did Silas and Timothy find Paul after he fled from Thessalonica?Corinth
Thirty-eight percent of 2 Thessalonians deals witheschatology.
One of the major purposes of 2 Thessalonians is to counteract false teaching.
Which epistle is dated near the end of Paul’s life?Titus
Some scholars suggest that Paul took a fourth missionary journey that included stops at:Spain, Crete, Miletus
Where was Timothy when Paul wrote his letters to him?Ephesus

Section 2

Question Answer
Which is the primary critical question raised about the Pastoral Epistles?authorship of the Epistles
Whom did Martin Luther suggest the author of Hebrews was? Apollos
For whom was Hebrews primarily written?Jewish Christians
What is the major reason for the Book of Hebrews?To encourage converts to stick with their new faith.
Which Old Testament figure was cited in Hebrews as an example of faith for Christians to follow?Rahab
To commit apostasy is tofall away from the faith
The emphasis in James is ongood works.
James was written forthe diaspora.
James establishes a close link between belief andpractice.
Hebrews was written between what two dates?70 to 95 AD
What is the major practical concern of Hebrews?To exhort Christians not to be intimidated by the difficult circumstances they face.
The probable author of the Book of James isJames the half-brother of Jesus.

Section 3

Question Answer
After the stoning of Stephen, the church in Jerusalem experiencedgreat persecution.
Peter had a vision that included an object like a ____________ being lowered to the ground.large sheet
When Peter preached at Cornelius’ house, and Cornelius and his family believed, Peter’s Jewish Christian companions were amazed that God gave the ___________ to Gentiles.Holy Spirit
Believers were first called ___________ at Antioch.Christians
On the first missionary journey, Paul confronted a magician and struck him with blindness
The opposition by the Jews at Pisidean Antioch caused Paul to turn to thegentiles
At Lystra after the healing of the man lame from birth, the multitude said the _______ became like men.Gods
Paul was stoned and left for dead at ________ .Lystra
Paul, Silas and Timothy were passing through the Galatian region because _________ had forbidden them from speaking the word in Asia.the holy spirit
When they came to Troas, Paul had a vision where a man from ____________ said “Come and help us.”Macedonia
At Athens, Paul preached and used their altar to an ____________ to explain Jesus. unknown god
According to Paul, the Ephesian Christians were sealed in him with (by): the Holy Spirit.
Paul describes the Ephesian Christians as being “dead in transgressions,” but Jesus made them ________ with Christalive
Paul writes that because he has been in prison other Christians have hadmore courage.
Paul explained that spiritually Christ has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the__________ of his son.kingdom
The mystery that had been hidden from past ages and generations Paul explains is “________ in you the hope of glory.”Christ
Paul writes that Jesus was declared the Son of God by theresurrection
Since unrighteous men did not see fit to acknowledge God, he gave them over to a _____________ to do that which is not proper.depraved mind
Abraham believed God, and it was reckoned to him asrighteousness.
Who had informed Paul there had been quarrels at Corinth?Chloe
Paul told the Corinthians that a day is coming when each person’s work will be tested byfire

Section 4

Question Answer
As Paul confronts the Corinthians about their behavior in taking the Lord’s supper, he reminds them that whenever they take part they proclaim the Lord’s __________ until He comes.death
In discussing spiritual gifts, Paul says that God has placed the members of the body just as He ________desires
Paul reminds Christians that in the difficulties of life, we look for the things not seen, for they are eternal.
Paul asked the Lord to remove his thorn in the flesh, and was told by Jesus “My grace is sufficient for you for my __________ is perfected in weakness.”power
Timothy was commanded to “fight the good fight, keeping the faith and a goodconscience.