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Flunixin meglumine- tx for?treats endotoxemia & visceral pain/colic (horse, swine, cow)
Acetaminophen- purposeregulates enzymes related to inflammation
Tylenol - importance in metabolismProduces a toxic metabolite: NAPQI (related to formation of HEINZ BODIES & hepatic damage)
Ketoprofen is used in which species?Dog, Cat, Horse, Swine, Cow
Carprofen- side effect?Hepatic necrosis in dogs
Diclofenaconly used in horses not meant for consumption
Aspirin (acetyl salicylate)- metabolism1st pass effect to become active (and form salicylic acid)
Phenylbutazone use?Laminitis
Rofecoxib/ VioxxRemoved from market due to CVS effects related to reduced PGI2 formation
FirocoxibHorse & Dog
MeloxicamDogs & Cats
Deracoxib can be used only in which species:Dog
Rubenacoxib in which species?Dogs & Cats
Mavacoxib half life?17 days (long)
Tepozaline/ZubrinAdminister as a tablet (THEY MELT IN MOUTH)
Boswelia comes from?Tree resin (used in horses)

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Which NSAID is used in horses to treat colic?flunixin meg
Which NSAID can be used in COW, SWINE & HORSES?Flunixin meglumine, Ketoprofen
What two compounds are responsible for conjugating NAPQI so that it can be excreted? Gluthathione + N acetyl cysteine are responsible for conjugating NAPQI
In which drug is NAPQI formed?Tylenol
Ketoprofen metabolismconjugated (liver) or excreted unchanged (kidney)
Which drug causes acute hepatic necrosis in dogs?Carprofen
Which NSAID is used in HORSES, PONIES, DOGS, CATS & CATTLE?Carprofen
Which NSAID is only used in HORSES?Diclofenac, Boswelia
Which NSAID goes through first pass effect? purpose?Aspirin- so that it can be conjugated to Salicyclic acid
Which NSAID can lead to platelet damage by day ten of use?Aspirin
Which NSAID is used extra-labelly on DOGS but is actually for horses?Phenylbutazone
Which NSAID is associated w/ ulceration in mouth, stomach, cecum & RIGHT DORSAL colonPhenylbutazone
Side effect of Phenylbutazone in dogs?affects CNS, GI & Respiratory tract
Which NSAID is PROHIBITED IN DAIRY COWS older than 20 mo?Phenylbutazone
which NSAID is used in dogs and cats?MELOXICAM, Rubenacoxib
Rubenacoxib use in cats is under which conditions?Cats; only those that weigh more than 5.5 lbs (Give 1mg/kg/day orally/ NO MORE THAN 3 days)
Which NSAID has the LONGEST half life?MAVACOXIB- 17 days
Which NSAID comes in tablets that melt in your mouth?Zubrin/Tepozaline
Which NSAID is only for dogs?Etodolac, Deracoxib
Which NSAID was removed due to CVS effects related to reduced PGI2 formation?Vioxx/Rofecoxib
Which NSAID is used only in the HORSE & DOG?Firocoxib

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Are most NSAIDS weak acids or bases?WEAK ACIDS
phospholipase A2 enzyme does what?Responsible for Arachidonic acid formation (which leads to production of prostaglandins & leukotrienes
NSAIDS block what? regulate what? & inhibit what?Block COX , regulate Phospholipase A2 & inhibit LOX
Ideally which COX is being blocked?COX-2
Why is COX being inhibited?To inhibit sensation of pain
Why is LOX inhibited?LOX is responsible for gastric ulceration through Leukotriene B4 formation.
Why are PGE1 analogs administered?Prostaglandin E1 analogs are administered to regulate gastric acid secretions = cytoprotective effects.
NEVER administer NSAIDS & CORTICOSTEROIDS concurrently because?It increases the risk for gastric ulcers
NSAIDs do what to the GI?NSAIDS lower PGs, mucus & bicarbonate production
What do Corticosteroids do to the GI? Corticosteroids increase HCL, pepsin & trypsin secretions
Why are NSAID half-lives prolonged in the cat?they are slow @ glucoronidation due to a deficiency in glucoronyl transferase enzyme
Metabolism of NSAIDs is done mostly in which organ?LIVER

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