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Question Answer
Even though the future seems far away, high school students can start planning for their careers by making good ___ and choosing ___ wisely.grades, courses
A _________ is the name given to work that earns money to cover basic needs.job
Characteristics that apply to people who have a career include opportunities exist for them to ___ and ___advance, develope
If someone's work requires a considerable degree of specialized study and training, such as law, medicine, and engineering, the work is caleed a/an _________profession
Most people desire work that has the possibilty of _________ or promotion to a higher rank.advancement
The word that refers to an activity that serves as someone's regular source of livelihood is, _________occupation
_________ is the term which refers to the ability to understand a hidden or inward truth.insight
A natural ability or talent is an _________aptitude
Physical or mrntal powers to do certain things are _________ability
Activities or subjects that capture someone's attention are known as _________interest
The principles, standards, or qualities that someone considers worthwhile or desirable are known as _________values
_________ is the term used to refer to a person's normal reaction, behavior, or thought processes.temperament
A person's _________ is his/her state of mind and feelings about subjects and events.attitude
Employees of the government work in the _________ sector.public
People eho want jobs with higher earnings usually must be willing to accept higher _________risk
When a naval science instructor submits a student's name for the honor of attending the Naval Academy, the student has recieved a/an _________nomination
In order to attend the must recieve a/an Naval Academy, a student _________appointive
A Naval Academy student is called a/an _________midshipmen
The Naval Academy is located at _________, _________.Annapolis, Maryland
The Naval Academy provides young men and women the _________, physical, and moral training they need to serve as officers of the Navy and Marine Corps.mental
The age criteria to be admitted to the Naval Academy is being between the ages of _________ and _________ years of age.17, 23
Graduates of the Naval Academy must serve _________ years on active duty in the Navy or Marine Corps.5
After graduation and comissioning NROTC scholarshi recipients must serve in the U.S. _________ or _________ _________ Reserve for at leats _________ years on active, marine corps, 5
College graduates entering the Navy enjoy the following advantage, they may choose to become _________ _________.costing officer
Of the 18 subect majors at the Naval Academy, most are in the field of _________engineering
The least effective way to prepare for a test is to _________, since it is unlikely that students will be able to remember the information they tried to learn at the last minute.cram
The Nuclear Power, Electronics, and _________ Programs are the three particularly demanding programs offered to Naval enlistees.3
_________ _________ _________ is a study techniques that is not considered effective.listening to music
In the OK4R study method, the phase that involves thinking about how the material fits in with prior knowledge about the subject is _________.reflect
On an essay test, students should _________ _________ _________ carefully to make sure they understand what they understand what they are being asked to do beforre they begin asked to do before they begin writing their the question

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