NS 303 Exam 1 Dietary, Medication, BSE

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What is importance of bowel movements in dietary assessmentsimportant to assess where the patient is now (baseline)
24-hour diet recallasks the client to recall all the food and beverages consumed in the last 24 hours.
Food Frequency recordchecklist indicating how often food groups or specific foods are eaten. This provides the typs of foods but not the quantities
Food Diarydetailed measured amounts of all foods and fluids during a specific period (usually 3-7 days)
Diet Historymay include all three above methods, quite comprehensive. Used for bowel and urinary training programs.
Signs of dehydration-Complaints of weakness and thirst
-Fluid intake less than output
-Decreased tissue turgor
-Dry mucous membranes, sunken eyeballs, decreased tearing
-Subnormal temperature
-Weak, rapid pulse
-Decreased blood pressure
-Postural hypotension
-Flat neck veins, decreased capillary refill,
-Decreased central venous pressure
-Decreased urine volume
-Increased specific gravity of urine
-Increased hemocrit
-Increased blood urea nitrogen
Signs of Malnutrition-Apathetic, listless, looks tired
-Overweight or underweight
-Dry, flakey or scaly patchy skin, petechiae or bruises
-Brittle, pale ridged or spoon shaped nails
-Dull, dry, sparse hair
-Pale or red conjunctiva, dryness, soft cornea, night blindness
-Swollen, red cracks at side of mouth
-Swollen, beefy red tongue
-Spngy, swollen, inflamed gums
-Underdeveloped, flaccid, wasted, soft muscles
-Anorexia, indigestion, diarrhea
-Constipation, enlarged liver, protruding abdomen
-Decreased reflexes, sensory loss, burning and tingling of hands and feet.
-Mental confusion, irritability
Soft dieteasily chewed and digested foods. For clients who have difficulty chewing and swallowing foods. It is low-fiber containing very few uncooked foods. Pureed diet is a modification of the soft diet.
Clear liquid dietwater, tea, coffee, clear broths, ginger ale, plain geletan, clear juices.
Full liquid dietonly liquids and foods that turn to liquid at room temp (ice cream and milk included now)
Bland dietNo salt, Low-protien

Types of medication orders

Question Answer
Singlemedication to be given once at a specified time.
STAT indicates the the medication is to be given immediately and only once.
Schedulesrating of drug based on its potential for abuse
Standingmay or may not have termination date. May be carried out indefinitely until order is written to cancel is. Or it is written to carry out for specified time period.
Protocolsfacility wide standing orders
PRNas-needed, permits nurse to give medication when the client requires it based on the nurse’s judgment.
Routes of medication and subsequent absorption rates – these can be disturbed due to compromised states of circulation, liver, GI tract, age etc)
Question Answer
Sublingualunder tongue
-Intravenous: THE FASTEST!
Question Answer
Rights of medication administration1) Right drug
2) Right patient
3) Right Time
4) Right Rout
5) Right dose
6) Right Documentation
Breast ExamSystematic. Most tumors are found
- Females: Upper Outer Quadrant
- Males- Under nipple



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