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cancer drugs

Question Answer
anastrozolebiologic aromatase inh for brca after surg and for metastases, SE similar to SERMS (menopausal bc blocking est conversion)
doxorubicinadriamycin, dna blocker, cardio toxicity is life-threatening, ROA IV
paclitaxelmicrotubule stabilizer, LG, ovarian, BRCA, head and neck and Kaposi's sarcoma. AE N/V, joint pain, effects on normally dividing tissues
vinblastinebinds tubulin. Hodgkin's lymphoma, non-small cell lg ca, brca, head and neck ca, testicular ca; AE bone marrow suppression (any antimetabolic)
methotrexateblocks folic acid needed for thymidine synth, dna blocker. not strong but used for preg termination in ectopic preg. AE ulcerative stomatitis, low wbc


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penicillaminecopper, Wilson's, RA, merc, or lead poisoning. ROA oral. AE optic neuritis, GI, stomatitis, neph syn, GN, leukopenia, rash, arthralgia
EDTAROA mostly IV. lead, ca, aluminum. AE renal failure, tubular necrosis
Na-EDTAlong IV for hypercalcemia. AE hypoca
Ca-EDshorter IV format AE hypercalcemia
Deferoxamine mesylateiron, aluminum, offlabel for ALZ. AE GI, Ki, LV damage, ROA IM, IV, or subQ
DMPSprovokative testing. Tx ROA IV, mercury, other, AE hypomagnesemia, hypotension
DMSAoral merc, lead, other, less acute AEs but same

other immuno drugs

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zidovudine (ZDU)HIV
rivastigmine or donepezilAch-ase inh for MG


Question Answer
HIVgp120 has ssRNA makes dsDNA in CD4 T cells
number of CD4 cells for AIDS<200
Selective IgA def'cpt has recurrent resp and GI infct/allergies, higher risk of AI middle age
Myasthenia gravis testTensilon, inh ACh-ase, anti-ACh Ab assay, CT/MRI for thymoma
Necrotizing vasculitisunexplained mult organ ischemia/systemic illness. Fever, chill, weight loss, arth
Necrotizing vasculitis investinr WBC, ESR, abnorm UA, angiogrph, biopsy
Polyarteritis nodosamedium vessel vasculitis -> thrombose, occlude.
PN classificationneed 3-weight loss, myalgias/weak, livedo retic, neuropathy, testicular pain, Diastolic >90, Cr or BUN up, Hep B, Arteriograph abnormal


Question Answer
antinuclear ab (ANA)SLE, (other connective tissue ds. RA, SS, Scleroderma, Polymyositis)
Anti-dsDNA, anti-SmithSpecific for SLE
AntihistoneDrug-induced lupus
Anti-IgG (Rhematoid factor)RA, scleroderma, PN, SLE, S
AnticentromereScleroderma (CREST)
Anti-Scl-70/ anti-topoisomerase IScleroderma (severe, diffuse)


Question Answer
Antimitochondrialprimary biliary cirrhosis
Anti-BMGoodpasture's Syn, bullous pemphigoid
Anti-desmoglein IgGPemphigus vulgaris
Antimicrosomal, antithyroglobulinHashimoto's thyroiditis
Anti-Jo-1Polymyositis, dermatomyositis
Anti-SS-A (anti-Ro)Sjogren's syndrome


Question Answer
Anti-SS-B (anti-La)Sjogren's syndrome
Anti-U1 RNP (ribonucleoprotein)Mixed connective tissue dz
Anti-Smooth mmautoimmune Hepatitis
c-ANCAWegener's granulomatosis
anti-glutamate decarboxylase Type I DM
p-ANCAother vasculitides