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A dog comes in that is tachycardic, dyspnic and has edema in the extremities and a prolonged dry cough. What drug is the safest option to use to manage the condition?digioxin
Which drug is the best choice for PROLONGING AP conduction and refractory period?sotalol
Which of the following drugs is incorrectly paired with their therapeutic use?quinolone: AV block
What statement is not true regarding diltiazem's MOA?Diltiazem oxidize metabolizes beta-blockers
What diuretic induces significant CA++ loss?Furosemide
Cat comes in that has chronic kidney failure, what is the best drug to use?Tilmisartan
What could you give with Digoxin to reduce K loss?Triamterene
How does pH prostatic treatment work?Because there is an acidic pH in prostate compared to blood, a drug with a high pka (basic drug) should be used to stay in the prostate
A female spayed dog comes in and is incontinent, what drug would you use?phenylpropoanolamine
What is the best choice to use in a cat with hypertension?Amlodipine
Dog came in that was oliguric and had renal failure, what would you use?Dopamine
What would you use to relax a constricted detrusor muscle of the bladder?AcH muscarinic antagonist
Which of the following statements is false about digoxin and AV conduction? (increase or decrease?)digoxin increases AV conduction
What would you use to treat catecholoamine induced arrhythmias?metaprolol
What statement is not true about epinephrine and heart failure?You would use epinephrine in left sided ventricular heart failure
Which statement is true about the PCT?Lipophilic drugs are passively reabsorbed in the PCT
What statement is false about losartan's MOA?Losartan acts as an ACE inhibitor
What statement is false about isoxuprine site of action?Isoxsuprine works on the smooth muscle
What do beta blockers and ca channel inhibitors do when used together?Beta blockers and ca channel inhibitors potentiate AV block
What is true about how thiazides work?Urine outflow then vascular endothelial effect
What statement is false about dobutamine's effects on bvv?Dobutamine has a dilatory effect
What causes alkaline urine?Acetazolamide
What is the indication of digoxin?Digoxin indicated for ventricular arrhythmias
What is false about ACE inhibitors?Produce a + inotropic effect
What is indicated for acute heart failure? Inamrinone

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1. Correct statement: best way to inject drugbenzocaine IM in horses
Pencilllinase resistant staph cloxacillin
Incorrect statementrifampin effects bacterial DNA synthesis
Ophthalmic drugSulfacetamide
Which is incorrect Don’t want to give aztreonam to penicillin allergic animal
Which is incorrectTilmicosin - arthropathy
Sulphonamides in horsesacetylated in liver
Cefovecinlong half life, single injection for pyoderma in dogs
Thiamphenicolok to use in food producing
Enrofloxacin for neuromuscular blockade false aminoglycosides
Pig given growth promoter and is licking salt, low aldosterone production Carbadox
Methenaminegiven with acid
Chloramphenicolused to treat respiratory and CNS
Florfenicolresistant to that enzyme
Pseudo resistant tazobactam + piperacillin
Which is incorrect meropenem is high susceptible to b lactamases
Which is incorrect give gentamycin every 8 hours orally
Which does not cause cross reactivity with the rest - chloramphenicol, lincomycin, some erythromycin? gentamycin

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Drug chart for horses with strep ceftiofur/enrofloxacin
Appetite stimulant in cats cyproheptadine
Clenbutrol given for 14 days..didnt work..what was itdown regulation
What can you use for hepatic encephalopathy in dogs and catsLactulose
What is incorrectly matched? diarrhea due to infectious causes
What is incorrect? Sucralfate should be given with antacids to produce maximum cytoprotective effect
What drug is used for the treatment of megacolon in cats and is the broadest spectrum prokinetic? Cisapride
Corneal ulcer in horse (picture). Best option? (the triad) - antibacterial - antifungal - serum.
Correct for heparin? impedes extravasation of leukocytes
Something about glaucoma (increased IOP) in dog and dilated pupils and what is the best drug to use? timolol
What is absorption after topical administration NOT determined by? aqueous blood barrier
Dog with asthma (bronchoconstriction), what is the best drug to give? atropine
Intubating a horse that coughs (BAL procedure), what to givebutorphenol
Dog w/ chart ampicillin + amoxicillin/clavulonic acid/amikacin
What is not an effect of bromhexine/dembrexine? increasing disulphyl blah blah bonds
What is not an effect of Clenbuterol (B2 agonist)? drying of secretions
Which is false? Concentrated magnesium sulfate causes hepatocytes to secrete bile
Incorrectly matched: rebound acid hypersecretion
Which is incorrect? Scopolamine is antiemetic by antagonizing serotonin 5HT3
Which is incorrect ) statements regarding the eye & glucocorticoids, NSAIDs, cyclosporin, & Mast cell stabilizers cyclosporin A is immunosupportive

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What not to use in dairy cattleenrofloxacin
Dog T4 protein bound99%
Organ evaluate with cat iodine shitkidney
haemorrhagic cystitisn-acetylcystein
acute cutanous type 1 hypersensitivity doxorubicin
vinblastine regressionABC transporters
cytotoxic Abx doesn'tbind to tubulin+prevent microtubules
vincristinebinds to microtubules
diarrhea DVMmethotrexate
don't use in pigs with respiratory problemsceftiofur
prenisolone resistance?pgp expression
MRL graph6 days, go learn the graph XD
dogs with hypothyroidism get treated--> become horny (aka they wants teh sex)
somogyi effectglucose curve
fructosamine of 550 mmolpoor
Cat with diabetes, check glucose levels for past monthfructosamine
cat with remission in 3-4 months for DMglargine
dog with hypotheyroidismcheck 1-2 times per year
dog with pu/pd + cataracts, glucose level of 350nph insulin
don't use in dog with DMglipizide
what do you use for a cat with mammary carcinomatamoxifen
perianl gland tumordelmadinone

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Toxoplasma gondiiclindamycin
First line drug did not work. What combo of drugs would be most effective now for leishmanias?metronitazole and parmomycin
Organophosphates compound toxicity antidotePAM (pralidoxime)
ImidaclopromideNot associated with GABA
Resistant Haemonchus contortusclosantel
Cattle farm, albendazole didn't workmorantel tartrate next best treatment option
Treat herpes virus eye issueidoxuridine
cat with skin condition, treat with what (picture of cat with small patch of fur missing by ear)nystatin
MOA for s-methopreenjuvenile hormone replacer
whch one is incorrectly matched with side effectspraziquantel = neurotoxicity
treat dairy cow, had ticks and reduced milk yield, severe H. contortus infectionepinomectin
incorrect MOApraziquantel: GABA and glutamate Cl
Theoretical TX of upper fungal infection (local!)echinocandin
Something to treat theileriosisparvaquone
what was the active metabolite for fenbentalfenbendazole sulphoxide
what do you use if axole group not workingapparently panic, much like my strategy for clin path and pharm
2 parasites infecting your animal (GI nematode and f. hepatica (liver fluke))albendazole
most significant drug:drug interaction between local and systemic azole useCYP 450
Incorrect statmentlevamisole safe in horses
What drug competes with host cell for triphsophate? somthing about dichlorvos binding?not actually sure what the question and what the answer is here so if anyone knows please either edit this or let me know!
incorrect statementpiperazine DOC for animals with chronic liver disease
what do you use to treat equine influenza rimantidine