Normal language development exam 2

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What is sementics?The meaning of words and phonemes within a language and how they are organized
What are two important pieces to the semetics definition?the mental organization and the relationship between words and their meanings
What is the meaning of a word?All of the ideas that particular word conveys such as what you find in a dictionary or a "car" means a 4-wheeled-vehicle is usually propelled by an internal combustion engine; meaning is a cognitive construct and a social construct
What is referent?an example of a word meaning, one possible example. Ex: My dad's 1976 chevy is a car in a specific context. Or when a kid hear the word dog, they think of the dog in the house; they eventually figure out the broader meaning for the word "dog"
What parts of speech do children dominate?nouns and object labels are predominate.
What age "the first 50 words" are usually acquried?18 months
what are protowords?a consistent phonological form (i.e., a group of phonemes) paired with meaning, but it's not the adult group of phonemes; it's a phonetically consistent form (though not the adult form) matched with a particular meaning. Ex: calling a telephone a "gagiva" or saying "ma" for " I want that"
What are some reason why kids use nouns so early?objects are concrete and can be identified easily, Adjective words are feeling and maybe difficult to identify; in our culture, adults produce more object labels to young children than other words; Verbs are caring more linguistic information as cognitive load

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