Non sterile pharmacy compound

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Principle of geometric dilutionStart with the ingredient of the smallest amount and double the portion by adding the additional ingredients in order of quanity
Quality assuranceA program of activites used to ensure that the procedures used in the preparation of compounded products lead to certain specification and standards
Quality controlSet of testing activites used to determine the quality
S.O.PStandard operating procedure. Step by step written instructions on how to do a certain task
ExcipientsAny more or less inert substance added to a perscription in order to confer a suitable consistency or form to the drug; a vehicle
VolatileEvaporates readily
FormalationA recipe or perscription that lists the components and quantities of a pruduct
PHThe symbol relating the hydrogen ion concentration or activities of a solution to that of a givenstandard solution
SolventCapable of dissolving another substance
Trituration Reducing partical size by grinding it
Fusion The merging of different elements
Mottle To mark with spots or blotches on sticks
AntitussiveCough suppressant
Buffers Ingredients that prevent change in the concentration of another chemical substance
Co solvent systemTwo ingredients together used as a solvent. E.g. Elixirs have a water component and a alcohol component as a vehicle
NFNational formulary
USPUnited States pharmacopeia
Capsule sizeRange from small (5) to large (000) 8 sizes
Oil filled capsulesShould always be calculated 10 percent more than needed, to allow for partial loss due to residue left behind in mortal pestle, syringe and possibly overflow
Super or sub therapeuticsAbove or below desired beneficial results
Solubility The degree of being able to dissolve into
EmulsionsA type of suspension consisting of two immicible (unable to blend e.g. Oil, water)
EmulsifyingBy making an emulsion, one can mix two liquids that ordinarily don't mix well
Hydrophilic Accepts moisture
HydrophobicRepels water
SuspensionLiquids that contain ingredients both active and inert that are not soluble but rather suspended or resuspended upon shaking
5 types of solutionOral liquid, topical, syrups, elixirs, solutions, and aromatic water
Only alcohol used in elixirsEthanol
Humectants A substance that promotes retention of moisture
Levitate To make smooth
MagmaA particle size that is large in a two phase system
MicelleA large water drop surrounded by an oil formation
Vet - means once a dayS.i.d

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