NM#8 PN lesion-denervation

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Section 1

Question Answer
Define wallerian degeneration
Why does normal myelin appear bubbly in routin sections?
what do the chains of round to oval swelling a characteristic of?
what are myelin elliposids and digestion chambers associated with
What is wallerian degeneration an indication of?
how does wallerian degeneration of the peripheral NS repair?
what does faulty growth of nerves result in
define neuroma
define endoneural tube
what does the endoneural tube refer to?
What is the more important component of an endoneurial tube that needs to be intact in order to have effective repair?
how rapidly is repair of axonal damage in a peripheral nerve? and how effective can it be?

Section 2

Question Answer
define coonhound paralysis
what is coonhound paralysis similar to in humans?
how does known the basis of the disease process in coonhound paralysis and GB syndrome expplain why paralysis is so severe but ht ecomplete recover is possible?
What inflammatory condition (neuritis) can cause enlargment of nerve root and peripherial nerves in the horse?
which nerve roots are most affected in cauda equine syndrome?
what are 4 possible causes of primary degenerative peripheral neuropathy?
what are some general categories of primary peripheral nerve disorders
What is a muscle fiber dependent on?
what does loss o innervation result in
what can terminal axon sprouting result in?
look at paper for picture identification!