NM #7 neoplasia

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Question Answer
what is the most common muscle tumor?
define desmin
what are muscle tumors called?
what species is rhaddomyonia/rhabdomyosarcoma most common in
what are rhaddomyonia/rhabdomyosarcoma?
What are tumors of peripheral nerves called
what speceis is peripheral nerve lymphoma most common in?
what two species are periphal nerve sheath neoplasma most common in
what is the typical history and clinical signs in a dog with peripheral nerve sheath tumor involving nerves to the limbs
what is the most common cause of devervation in dogs due to damage from neoplasma

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where do tumors involving muscle often arise from?
what age do we see primary muscle tumors in?
what are the malignant and benign forms of muscle tumors
what species and signalment is rhabdomyomas most common in
where do elongated multinucleated cells (strap cells) occur in?