NM #6 myositis

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Define Myositis
when does true myositis occur?
what is post -anesthetic myositis
which muscles are effected in lateral recumbancy
which muscles are effected in dorsal recumbancy
Define exertional myositis
What are some possible physical finding for an animal with inflammatory myopathy (myositis)
what are some possible clinical findings indicative of inflammatory myopathy

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What is canine masticatory myositis
what clnical signs do you see with canine masticatory myositis
what cells are the predominant inflammaotry cells that are associted with extensive myofiber damage
define polymyositis + how do you treat it
what is causes of bacterial myositis
what type of myositis doe you see with pyogenic bacteria
what are 3 diseases that are chornic fibrosing nodular myositis
what are causes of viral induced myositis
what are causes of parasitic induced myositis
what species is immune mediated myositis seen in - what is it usually due to?

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why is there a larger risk of healing by fibrosis when muscle is damaged vy inflammation, opposed by simple myonecrosis
what is 1 example of infectous agent that commonly causes myositis in cattle, horse, dog,pig
what are sarcoystis
what doe sarcocystis cause in cattle
what bacterial infection of muscle in horse and cattle is acute in onset and often rapidly fatal
What are the risk factors in horses when trying to prevent clostridal myositis
how do cattle develop clostridium infection
how do horses develop clostridium infection
What are general signs of malignant edema in horses
What causes malignant edema in horses

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what species is immune mediated myositis most common in
what are 3 different immune mediated canine inflammaotyr myopathies
what is the pathogentic basis for localized forms of immune mediated myositis
what are some specific ancillary tests that aid in diagnosis of immune mediated myopathies
what are some general causes of inflammatory myopathy?