NM #4 muscle atrophy

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Question Answer
What are causes of overall (generalized) muscle atrophy in any animal
Cachexia muscle atrophy is associated with what?
what are 3 examples of metabolic disease causing generalize myopathy
what are 2 causes of generalized myopathy
What are possible causes of localized atrophy, involving only 1 limb
how can clinical pathology and EMG help distinguish causes of muscle atrophy?
which biochemical testing can help determin muscle atrophy vs muscle damage
skeletal muscle atophy is most common in which 2 speceis and why

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what endocrine disease can cause muscle atrophy in dogs and horses
what do hyperadrenocorticism, hypothyrodism and cushings disease also cause beside skeletal muscle atrophy
which is the most frequent endocrineopathy in adult agded dogs but infrequent in other domestic animals
what are clinical signs of hyperadrenocorticism in dogs
what is the most common cause of hyperadrenocorticism - what is this disease also called
define hypothyroidism and what species is it most common in
what can adenoma of pars intermedia in horses cause? disease name and clinical signs