NM #1 LMN system

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Section 1

Question Answer
Are motor neutrons typicality myelinated? why?
what creates myelin sheath?
how are myelin sheath repaired?
how many axons does a schwann cell contribute myelin to?
Describe the neuromuscular junction
what happens to the muscle during denervation (axon is lost)
what happens to muscle / function if demyelination (myelin sheath is lost)
define denervation
define demyelination

Section 2

Question Answer
Can skeletal muscle regenerate?
can peripherial nerve trunk regenerate?
can neuromuscular junction regenerate?
can motor neurons (cell bodies) regenerate?
can axons regenerate?
What are staellite cells involved in?

Section 3

Question Answer
What is the capacity for repair in cell bodies?
what is the capacity for repair in axons?
neurons can be ______ but not ______
what is the capacity for repair of myelin
what is the capacity for repair of NM junction
What is the capacity for repair of skeletal muscle
what are the 3 types of muscle fibers
which muscle fiber has lots of myoglobin and mitochondria, very aerobic and can generate ATP
what muscle fiber is fast and is oxidative ?
what muscle fiber is fats and contains lots of glycogen

Section 4

Question Answer
Which component of the LMN system have a basal lamina?
why is an intact basal lamina important for repair?
what is an endoneurium
define denervating disease
define primary demyelinating disease
what does demyelination result in?
what is the ability of repair for deneravating lesion? demyelinating lesions?
CNS vs PNS repair
what are some ancillary test useful in diagnosis of LNM disease?
When are muscle enzymes released?
What is an electromyography (EMG)