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Determinants of job performance modelWillingness, capacity, and opportunity
Levels of needPsychological, phisiological, and sociological
Maslow's Need HierarchyTheory that states individuals work on one level of need before worrying about the next: Physiological - Safety and Security - Belongingness - Esteem - Self actualization
Aldefer's ERG theoryHierarchical: Existence, Relatedness, Growth
Expectancy TheoryTheory that workers are more motivated when they see the outcomes of work

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ExpectancyThe belief an outcome will occur from their behavior
Instrumentalities Association between performance and outcome
ValencesPreference of outcomes

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Job RangeRange of tasks under a job
Job depthControl that a position has in an organization
Job rotationManagement technique to rotate jobs and tasks between workers to reduce monotony
Job enrichmentHow enriched a job is. E.g. how it makes the person feel.

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Alternative work solutiionsGiving employees flexible hours; use of virtual teams
Total Quality ManagementJob culture that promotes advancement and self improvement
Elements of communicationCommunicator - Encoding - Medium - Decoding receiver - Feedback - Message

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Face to FaceVery high
TelephoneHigh - Uses voice but no nonverbal language
Memos, textLow - Not even voice
Flyers, billboardsVery low - Information intended for large audience

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Traits of effective leadershipIntelligence, personality, abilities
Job centered leaderFocuses more on the task at hand and will delegate for it
Employee centered leaderFocuses more on the employee's development and skills, often giving them more freedom
Vroom-Jargo Leadership ModelStates there is not one way to lead, a leader needs to be flexible with every decision. Groups decision making into four categories: Autocratic, consultative, group, and delegated

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Transactional LeadershipLeader helps identify problems and provides resources for it
Transformational LeadershipLeader that inspires and motivates, visionary
Servant LeadershipThe mindset that you're working for the employees