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Eggplant Tuna Tempurajap eggplant, spicy mayo, poke tuna, eel sauce/ 6 piece/ tempura fried/ tempura fried eggplant medallions w. poke tuna/ gluten, raw fish, shellfish from fryer
Beef Lettuce Wrapsbeef strips, butter lettuce, carrot, daikon slaw, fried shallots, pea sprouts, ponzu, spicy mustard made with sambal, sesame/ 7 lettuce cups, 6oz beef/ sauteed beef strips mix with lettuce cups/ butter lettuce cups with mixture of beef carrot and daikon slaw, fried shallots, pea sprouts. Garnished with sesame seeds. Comes with ponzu sauce and spicy mustard sauce for dipping/ gluten, sesame, shellfish from fryer
Avocado and Cucumber GazpachoAvo, cucumber, serrano chili, creme fraiche, blue crab, tortilla/ 10oz/ chilled soup/ chilled avocado cucumber gazpacho with serrano chilis, creme fraiche and crab meat. Garnished with tortilla strips/ shellfish, dairy, gluten
Chesapeake Style Crab Cakeblue crab, mayonnaise, bread crumbs, old bay seasoning, cocktail sauce, ancho aioli, lemon/ 5oz/ pan-seared/ broiled blue crab cake with ancho aioli and lemon fork/ shellfish gluten eggs
Grilled Romaine Caesar SaladRomaine, Parmesan, Caesar Dressing, Focaccia Croutons/ 5oz greens, 2oz dressing/ tossed/ grilled romaine tossed in caesar dressing with parmesan cheese and focaccia croutons, caesar dressing which is anchovies, garlic, pasteurized eggs and veg oil/ gluten, dairy, eggs
Butter Lettuce and melon saladbutter lettuce, seasonal melon, prosciutto, watermelon, radish, honey basil vinaigrette/ 4 slices of each melon 2oz dressing/ tossed/ butter lettuce seasonal melon(watermelon canteloupe, honeydew, etc) and prociutto with basil honey vinaigrette. Garnished with sliced watermelon radish and crispy prociutto/ pork
Spinach and Strawberry SaladSpinach, Strawberries, Brie, balsamic vinaigrette, sweet and spiced pecans and has chicken at lunch time/ 3 slices of brie, 2oz dressing, 2 cut strawberries/ tossed/ spinach salad tossed with balsamic vin topped with strawberries brie and sweet spiced pecans comes with chicken at lunch/ nuts dairy
Petite Green Saladbaby greens with toasted almonds, baby heirloom tomatoes pickled red onion, champagne vinaigrette/ 5oz greens 2oz dressing/ tossed/ baby greens tossed with champagne vin topped with toasted almonds pickled red onion and heirloom baby tomatoes/ nuts
Seared Ahi TunaAhi, Togarashe, wasabi, potatoes, bok choy, eggplant, sesame chili oil/ 7oz/ seared/ seared ahi with togarashi spices, served with wasabi and tgurmeric mashed potatoes, sauteed baby bok choy grilled eggplant and sesame chili oil/ sesame, dairy
fresh catchherb crusted fish, parmesan polenta cake, steamed baby carrots, brocolini, beurre blanc/ 7oz/ pan roasted/ fresh catch of the day, herb crusted and pan roasted with parmesan polenta cake, steamed baby carrots brocolini and beurre blanc/ dairy, gluten
short ribsbeef short ribs, corn and edamame succotash, blue crab hash brown and braising jus/ 8oz braised beef/ braised/ braised beef short ribs with edamame and corn succotash, blue crab hash brown and braising jus/ dairy shellfish
vegetable orechiettesauteed mushies, asparagus, wilted spinach, basil almond pesto cream sauce, parmesan and orecchiette pasta/ 10oz pasta, 20z vegetables/ sauteed/ orecchiette pasta tossed with sauteed mushrooms, asparagus and wilted spinach in a basil almond pesto cream sauce topped with shaved parmesan/ dairy, nuts, gluten.

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