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He’s as DEVIOUS as a politician needs to be.dishonest, often in a complicated way
I'll leave it up to you to use your DISCRETION.the freedom or power to decide what should be done in a particular situation
I don't mean to DISPARAGE your criticize someone or sth showing no respect to sth/belittle
Police refused to DIVULGE the identity of the suspect. (divulge something (to somebody))to give somebody information that is supposed to be secret
Sometimes I am pretty EBULLIENTfull of confidence, energy and good humour
EGREGORIOUS behaviourbad, full of mistakes
EMACIATED bodythin and weak, usually because of illness or lack of food
EMOLLIENT creamsoothing
personal ENMITIESfeelings of hatred towards somebody
Talk is EVANESCENT, writing leaves footprintsdisappearing quickly from sight or memory

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He EVINCED a strong desire to be reconciled with his familyto show clearly
He had a chance to confess and EXPIATE his guiltto accept punishment for something that you have done wrong in order to show that you are sorry
The evidence was totally FABRICATEDto invent false information in order to trick people
Sometimes I feel FETTERED by petty rules to restrict somebody’s freedom to do what they want
Stop FOILING me!to prevent someone or sth from being successfula
a FORTUITIOUS meetinghappened by chance
He finally GOADED her into answering his question. (goad sb into sth/into doing sth)to keep irritating or annoying somebody/something until they react
a HARROWING experiencevery shocking or frightening and making you feel very upset
After a five-month HIATUS, the talks resumeda pause in activity when nothing happens
It is IMPERATIVE to continue the treatment for at least two monthsvery important and needing immediate attention or action /vital

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She was IMPERVIOUS to his charmsnot affected or influenced by something
Basia's trashtalking is sooo INANEextremely silly, with no real meaning
INCONTROVERTIBLE evidence/proofimpossible to doubt because of being obvious
an INDOMITABLE spiritdescribed as strong, brave, difficult to defeat or frighten
INNUENDOES about her private lifesexual remarks
a cup of INSIPID coffeehaving no taste, dul, flavourless
an INTRANSINGENT attitudeunwilling to change their opinions or behaviour/stubborn
the KUDOS of playing for such a famous bandthe admiration and respect that goes with a particular achievement or position
They lived a very LAVISH lifestylelarge in amount, or impressive, and usually costing a lot of money
LICENTIOUS behavioursexually immoral

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Daniel is a MALLEABLE bruveasily influenced or changed
Lidka has MERCURIAL temperament to be honestoften changing, intelligent, enthusiastic and quick
MORES of gypsiesthe customs and behaviour that are considered typical of a particular social group or community
the MYRIAD problems of modern lifeextremely large in number
NOXIOUSpoisonous or harmful
TO OBFUSCATE STHto make something less clear and more difficult to understand
an ONEROUS duty/task/responsibility KP IS AN ONEROUS DUTY needing great effort; causing trouble or worry/taxing
OSTRACISM is recentlt oftenly noticed in youngsters' circle.the state of not being included
Chrosta usually give a PAUCITY of informationa small amount of something; less than enough of something
She has a PENCHANT for champagnea special liking for something what others may not like ex.alcohol
the PINNACLE of her careerthe most important or successful part of something

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The report contained a PLEHTORA of detailan amount that is greater than is needed or can be used
A CS player with a PREDILECTION for AWP if you have a predilection for something, you like it very much
PRESCIENT dreamsknowing or appearing to know about things before they happen/ proroczy
to PROMULGATE somethingo spread an idea, a belief, etc. among many people
Politicians usually are PUGNACIOUS having a strong desire to argue or fight with other people
QUAGMIREan area of soft wet ground / a difficult or dangerous situation
A RAUCOUS laughtersounding loud and rough
Light is REFRACTED when passed through a prism to make waves, such as those of light, sound or energy, change direction when they go through at an angle / załamywać
literature REPLETE with drama and excitementfilled with something; with a full supply of something
The agreement was RESCINDED on 9 October 1996to officially state that a law, contract, decision, etc. is no longer valid

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The drug brought a brief RESPITE from the paina short break or escape from something difficult or unpleasant
A SACCHARINE movie/songs/smiletoo sweet or too polite
to SATIATE someone/sthto completely satisfy someone's needs especially with food or pleasure
Meeting her like that, and there of all places, was true SERENDIPITYthe fact of something interesting or pleasant happening by chance
He had managed to create the entirely SPURIOUS impression that the company was thrivingfalse, although seeming to be genuine
He was STUPEFIED by the amount they had spent / STUPEFY to surprise or shock somebody; to make somebody unable to think clearly / astonish
He had the TEMERITY to call me a liarextremely confident behaviour that people are likely to consider rude
TRANSIENTcontinuing for only a short time / fleeting, temporary
he country’s leaders are still VACILLATING between confrontation and compromiseto be uncertain, to keep changing your opinion or thoughts about something
the last VESTIGES of the old colonial regimea small part of something that still exists after the rest of it has stopped existing / pozostałość
Let's stop VILLYFYING Braci Pierdolec!to say or write unpleasant things about somebody/something so that other people will have a low opinion of them / szkalować
She was VITRIOLIC about Gordonfull of anger and hatred
the WRATH of God / WRATH was the most powerful guild in Metin2extreme anger

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