New Testament II Reading Test 2 Study Guide

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Section 1

Question Answer
According to Acts, Paul spent only a short amount of time in Crete.True
The Pastoral Epistles are grouped together because they share the same genre.False
Most Modern scholars regard the Pastoral Epistles as pseudonymous.True
If authentic, the Pastorals are among the earliest of Paul's letters.False
The Pastorals were all written from Rome.False
There is a great distinction between elder and overseer in the Pastorals.False
There was little to no debate over the authenticity of the Pastorals in the ancient church.True

Section 2

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______ sought out Paul while he was in prison according to 2 Timothy.Onesiphorus
Episkopos is a Greek word that is commonly translated "overseer" or ______.bishop
The Letter to Titus was written while Paul was in or on his way to ______. Nicopolis
Titus was ministering in ______ when Paul wrote to him.Crete

Section 3

Question Answer
Which of the following scholars wrote a statistical analysis of the Pastoral Epistles in the early 20th century? P.N. Harrison
Which of the following ancient authors did not accept the authenticity of Titus?Marcion
Paul has no opening thanksgiving in his letters to:1 Timothy, Titus, and Galatians
Which of the following is an example of the testament?2 Timothy

Section 4

Question Answer
Paul is clearly the author of Hebrews.False
Hebrews is an anonymous letter.True
Hebrews is cited in 1 Clement 36.True
Hebrews was unambiguously written from Italy.False
Hebrews is concerned with the faith of people who are facing persecution.True
Hebrews was fully accepted into the NT canon early in the Eastern church.True
Hebrews displays a firm interest in the historical person of Jesus.True

Section 5

Question Answer
Martin Luther suggests that ______ was the author of Hebrews.Apollos
Jesus is said to be a priest in the line of ________ in Hebrews.Melchizedek
Jesus is said to be vastly superior to ______ priests in Hebrews.Levitical
The Western church appears to have been persuaded to accept the canonicity of Hebrews by Augustine and ______.Jerome

Section 6

Question Answer
Which of the following ecclesiastical councils was the first to set forth the canon as we now have it?Synod of Hippo
Which of the following church fathers accepted the Pauline authorship of Hebrews?Origen
Who among the following identified Luke as the translator of Hebrews?Clement of Alexandria and Calvin
Which of the following disciples of Paul is mentioned in Hebrews?Timothy

Section 7

Question Answer
James was written to Gentiles.False
James is properly classified as a mandate letter.False
James is found in the second century canon list, the Muratorian Canon.False
Clement of Alexandria is said to have written a commentary on James, but is has not survived to the present day.True
James and Paul use the word "justification" in the same way.False
Luther did not exclude James from the canon, but relegated it to a secondary status.False
Double-mindedness and half-hearted faith is the basic sin which James addresses.True

Section 8

Question Answer
Eusebius classified James as one of the _____ books in terms of its authority and canonicity.disputed
The _____ were a group of revolutionary minded Jews who sought to rebel against and cast off Roman rule in the mid to late first century Palestine.Zealots
James cites the command to love one's neighbor as the basis for fulfilling the _____ law.royal
Tradition says that James was the first bishop of ______.Jerusalem

Section 9

Question Answer
Which of the following is the most likely author of the letter of James?James, the brother of Jesus
Which of the following are posed as arguments that James is pseudepigraphy? All of the above (No mention of the familial relationship to Jesus, It is written in fairly good Hellenistic Greek, The letter betrays a rather liberal view of the Law)
James was most likely written from?Jerusalem
James best fits into the genre of?homily

Section 10

Question Answer
1 Peter is the only Catholic Epistle that Eusebius classifies as "undisputed."True
1 Peter was likely written in A.D. 62-63.True
Silvanus in 1 Peter is to be identified with Silas of Acts.True
Formal education in Greek would have been necessary for someone to write in the style of 1 Peter.False
1 Peter does not make much explicit use of the OT.False
Peter's discussion of the relationship between the Gentile believers and Israel can only be interpreted as a replacement of ethnic Israel.False
Peter did not likely personally evangelize the addressees of this letter. True

Section 11

Question Answer
_____________ was a lawyer, writer, and magistrate at the turn of the second century A.D.Pliny the Younger
The Roman Emperor _____ gave instructions to his subordinates on when it was or was not acceptable to persecute Christians in Bithynia.Trajan
_____ is the place of the dead in Greek thought.Hades
Peter wrote to Pontus, Galatia, ________, Asia, and Bithynia.Cappadocia.

Section 12

Question Answer
Which of the following best describes the relationship between Peter's and Paul's letters?Peter and Paul refer to a common tradition, but are not necessarily dependent upon one another.
In 1 Peter, "Babylon" refers most closely to:Rome
Which of the following church fathers attests to the authenticity of 1 Peter?All of the above. (Polycarp, Irenaeus, Eusebius)
Which of the following are presented as reasons to accept the authenticity of 1 Peter?The church order in 1 Peter is commensurate with that of the early 60's

Section 13

Question Answer
2 Peter was not accepted by many in the early church as authentic.False
Most modern scholars reject the authenticity of 2 Peter.True
2 Peter is mostly concerned with ecclesiology.False
2 Peter does not appear in the Muratorian Canon.True
The Apocalypse of Peter almost certainly shows influence from 2 Peter.True
If authentic, 2 Peter was likely written shortly before Peter's death.True
2 Peter is relatively unconcerned with false teachers.False

Section 14

Question Answer
A biblical criticism that analyzes the techniques and devices used by another is called ______ criticism.rhetorical
Peter was martyred under the Roman Emperor _____.Nero
According to 2 Peter, one day is like _________ to God.1000 years
The importance of the apostolic tradition is often seen as an indication that 2 Peter reflects a period of Early ________.Catholicism

Section 15

Question Answer
The NT book that has the most affinity with 2 Peter is:Jude
Which of the following are church fathers who attest to doubts about the authenticity of 2 Peter?Jerome
Which of the following are proposed as identification of the false teachers in 2 Peter?Epicureans
Which of the following statements best describes the authority of 2 Peter in the early church?No excluded book has nearly such weight of backing as 2 Peter.

Section 16

Question Answer
3 John is written against gnostics.False
1 John was accepted as authoritative early in church history.True
The Johannine epistles are among the Catholic Epistles.True
The Johannine letters emphasize a distinction between genuine and spurious faith.True
The author of 1 John refers to himself as "the elder."False
In 1 John, the author specifies the Holy Spirit as the "paraclete."False
Most church fathers appear to have known of only one Johannine epistle.False

Section 17

Question Answer
The word "paraclete" in the fourth gospel typically refers to _________.the Holy Spirit.
3 John is written to address the problems in the church caused by a man named _______.Diotrephes.
The Johannine letters were likely written from ______.Ephesus
The Johannine letters were likely written in the early ____.90's

Section 18

Question Answer
Which of the following church fathers or early Christian writings appear to have made use of 1 John.All of the above (Didache, 1 Clement, Epistle of Barnabas)
Which of the Johannine letters does not address a heresy within the church?3 John
Which of the following are arguments against single authorship of the fourth gospel and 1 John?All of the above (Differences in doctrine and the use of vocabulary, The possibility of a "Johannine school," Words and expressions not shared by the two texts)
Which of the following is the most probably identification of Gaius in 3 John?An otherwise unknown Gaius

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