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Cops and Firefighters- Peter Krause, Angela Bassett9-1-1
NYC, 1896, investigating murders, Luke Evans, Dakota FanningThe Alienist
Brunette, long hair, center part girl, boy with black curly fair, buddy comedy on FreeformAlone Together
Set in the future, people can change bodies, cyberpunk, Netflix, Angelica from HamiltonAltered Carbon
Set in a high school with Patton Oswalt and Dennis from IASA.P. Bio
Murder story, set in Miami, Blaine is in itThe Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story
Murder story, muted colors, Anna PaquinBellevue
Superhero with a black guy in a superhero suitBlack Lightning
About a black family in a city, on ShowtimeThe Chi
UN Spy show, J.K. SimmonsCounterpart
Women rob a store, Donna, Ann and Christina HendricksGood Girls
Airline show, we watched itLA to Vegas
Comedy about a guy who lives by the bible, Camryn ManheimLiving Biblically
Follows rivalry of FBI and CIA, Jeff DanielsThe Looming Tower
Different stories, includes Bryan Cranston, Steve Buscemi, Greg Kinnear, Timothy Spall and Anna PaquinPhilip K. Dick's Electric Dreams
Doctor show, Logan from GG, Burce CampbellThe Resident

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Revamp of 4 military people doing something, 2 men and 2 women, CinemaxStrike Back
David Koresh- guy has a mullet and glassesWaco
Reboot of old tv show, family in space, Toby Stephens looks like Dr. Cox in promoLost in Space
Horror, Stephen King town, Rose from 2.5 Men, black guy with a beard, Jane LevyCastle Rock
Live Action super herosTitans
Superman prequel, set on other planetKrypton
Mermaid show, girl with long brown hair and weird skinSiren
Mean girls like, reboot of older movieHeathers
Crime reporter, HBO, Amy AdamsSharp Objects
Superhero show, black guy and blond girlCloak and Dagger
People from the future being refugees now, Steve ZahnThe Crossing
Set on a ship, in the cold, old time thing, George VI from the CrownThe Terror
Group of teenagers, 6 total, diverseNew Warriors
Multiracial family, Holly HunterHere and Now
Family sitcom, Jenna FisherSplitting Up Together
Has Bill HaderBarry
Anders from WorkaholicsChampions
Animated about TrumpOur Cartoon President

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Set in 1973, Donald Sutherland Hilary Swank, Brendan FraserTrust
About a crime fighting magicianDeception
Game show, Fred Savage, Ricky GervaisChild Support
James Franco, Tyne Daly, Stephen RootThe Ballad of Buster Scruggs
Ellen PageThe Umbrella Academy
Blond lady, murder storyMosaic
About the murders of Tupac and BiggieUnsolved
Ted from HIMYMRise
Girl that looks like Chrissy TieganInsatiable
Zach BraffAlex Inc
Bookstore guy uses internet to get womenYou