New France History Test

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The First Nations People

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How did First Nations people treat their elders, and why?With great respect, as elders were the ones who passed down tradition, culture and history.
What are tribes who traced their ancestors through their mothers called?Matrilineal tribes
What are tribes who traced their ancestors through their fathers called?Patrilineal tribes
How did First Nations people measure wealth?Good health, good friends and well being
Name two ways the Iroquois helped the French.1. Gave them medicine to treat their scurvy. 2. Taught them how to survive through the harsh winters.
What did the Aboriginal lifestyle depend on?It depended on understanding the land and nature they used.
Which nations did the explorers encounter as they came ashore?Iroquois, Huron, Algonkian

Jacques Cartier

First Voyage

Question Answer
What year was Cartier's first voyage?1534
How did Cartier claim the land for King Francis I on Gaspe?He raised a 9m cross.
What mission was Cartier sent on by King Francis I?He was supposed to find a route to the gold and spices of the Far East.
What did Cartier actually do after sailing to North America?He traded with the Iroquois, and established a good relationship with them.
What did Cartier and the Iroquois trade?The Iroquois traded furs that Cartier could sell in Europe, while in return he gave them iron cooking pots, metal goods, beads and tobacco.
Who is Donnacona?An Iroquois chief who protested to Cartier after seeing the French put up the cross.
Who did the French take back to France after convincing Donnacona to let them?Donnacona's two sons, Domagaya and Taignoagny
How did Donnacona's two sons help establish a better relationship between Cartier and Donnacona?When they came back from France a year later, they told stories of being treated well.

Second Voyage

Question Answer
What year was Cartier's second voyage?1535
Cartier was the first European to..?Sail up the St. Lawrence River
Why did Donnacona tell Cartier stories to prevent him from traveling to Hochelaga?He didn't want Cartier to travel towards Hochelaga because if Cartier allied with the St. Lawrence Iroquois, he might betray Donnacona.
How did Cartier damage his relationship with the First Nations?He ignored Donnacona's stories and traveled to Hochelaga.
What are Stadacona and Hochelaga known as today?Quebec City and Montreal
How did Cartier name Canada?The name came from the Aboriginal word "kanata" which means village or meeting place.

Third Voyage

Question Answer
Name two places Cartier explored.Newfoundland and part of the Kingdom of Saguenay
Why was Cartier stopped from making any more voyages?He brought in what he thought were diamonds and gold (but were actually quartz and fools gold), and failed to find a route of China. This disappointed the King and he stopped the voyages.

Samuel Champlain

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What was Samuel Champlain's title?Father of New France
What mission did Champlain share with Cartier?To find riches for the King.
Where did he found his first permanent settlement?Quebec City
Which tribe did Champlain becomes allies with?the Huron
Who did Champlain fight against with the Huron?the Iroquois,
Who did Champlain kill in the war?two Iroquois chiefs

The Fur Trade and the Courier de Bois

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What was essential for controlling the fur trade?The settlement of New France
The fur trade was highly ______.regulated
Why were alliances with local tribes essential for the Europeans?They supplied the Europeans with furs, food, canoes, acted as guides and interpreters.
What made The Huron and Iroquoian people enemies?Competition for furs and alliances with different European traders.
Who were the allies of the French?Huron and Algonquin
Who were the allies of the English Allies?Iroquois and Dutch
Who are the Courier de Bois?They were French traders willing to venture into the interior rivers and get furs themselves, for high profits.

Religious Figures

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The Jesuit Priests had two immediate goals, what were they?To spread the Roman Catholic religion to the Natives, and to establish schools in some of the settlements.

The Farmers

Question Answer
Define seigneur.A man who was granted land by a King
Define seigneurie.A piece of land
What were seigneuries for?They were for the seigneur's family and farm families
Define habitants.The farmers who worked on the land owned by Seigneurs.
What did habitants do?They grew crops and animals, give portions of their production to the seigneurs, provided free labour to build and maintain a church, etc.
Habitants worked _________ days a year without pay.10

Fille du Roi

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Define a fille du roi.The ceremony of marriage between an orphan young woman from a church to a french settler, that is given a dowry from the man of the marriage.
____ women arrived in new France in 1663-1673.770
How did the women of fille du roi pay their dowry?They were granted the financial sponsorship from the king.