New Deal

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Bank HolidayDeclared by Pres. FDR. All banks are closed temporarily. Gov't sends out examiners to check the health of the bank. Only healthy banks are allowed to re open.
What helped increase public confidence?Bank holiday and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) **Insure bank deposits up to 250,00.
Federal Reserve **Central bank. It's power was strengthened. Allowing for easier loans and credit
Security and Exchange Commission (SEC)**gov't regulation of investing and stock market
Federal housing Authority (FHA)**Gov't agency that ensures mortgages (home loans) and bank loans. Gov't showing trusting you.
Financial measuresBank holiday, Federal deposit insurance corporation, federal reserve, securities and exchange commission, federal housing authority
Bank holidayBH
FDIC Federal deposit insurance corporation
FDfederal reserve
SECSecurities and exchange commission
FHAFederal Housing Authority

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"other"Business measures Repeal of prohibition, Reconstruction Finance Corporation, National Recovery Administartion
Repeal of Prohibition Legal to manufactor, transport and sell alcohol
Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC)Funded at a much higher level than during Hoover administration
National Recovery Administration Goal: Increase workers wages. Customers were encouraged to buy from businesses that agreed. Yes, you pay more, but the $$ is helping the owner pay workers more. NRA was declared unconstituional
RFCReconstruction Finance Corporation
NRANational Recovery Administration

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Unemployment Social Security, Civilian Conservation Corps, Works progress administration
Social Security**Govt' program that provides a payment to retired workers. It increased to help secure disabled and blind
How does SS help unemployment? It would remove older workers from work force so new potential workers can come in.
Civilian Conservation Corps Hired young men to work on enviromental projects. Rural areas such as parks. The work was relatedly simple, nothing too complex. Ex: Making a trial, restroom at a park. It provided jobs and was pretty successful
Works Progress Administration Hired skilled professionals. Such as engineers, architectures to construct building, libraries, bridges, etc. LARGE scale projects, LARGEST employer in the US. Also hired writers, artist, actors. Payed college students to stay in school. Help improve one self and not be looking for a job. Also, hired historians to interview people who had been slaves. "Slave narratives from the federal writers project".
Gov't directly employed people..CCC and WPA

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Labor measuresNational Labor Relations Board, Fair Labor Standards Act
National Labor Relations Board AKA Wagner Act Gov't agency that supervises/monitors disputes b/w workers and management.
Fair Labor Standards ActA. Provides for a minimum wage. B. Established 40 hr work week
Every time increased the FLSA has to beAmended
If you have a job and work more than 40 hours/weekExtra pay= time and half. Time off to take off later, Up to employer to make standar
NLRBNational Labor Relations Board
FLSAFair Labor Standard Act

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AgricultureAgricultural Adjustment Administration, Tennessee Valley Authority
Agricultural Adjustment Administration Raise price of farm goods, farmers have more $$ to spend.
Supply/Demand(AAA) Low supply- high demand= price goes up.
AAA was trying to get famers to..Plant less/ cut production. The gov't would pay farmer for the part that didn't get farmed.
Subsidy Farm subsidy is very common today!
Tennessee Valley Authority Gov't agency that builds dams. Dams constructed to help control flooding and help with irrigation. Harness the water to make power and generate electricity
AAAAgricultural Adjustment Administration
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority

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