Neuroscience Exam 3

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What part of the brain helps generate representation of body position in space and timePosterior Parietal Cortex
What part of the brain helps encode the goals of observed actions?Inferior Frontal Cortex
What ability associated with detecting social cues is developed from 0-4 months? It is when we are able to notice if "it" is directd at us or not. Superior Temporal Gyrus and Amygdala
What ability is associated with a special stimulus that the visual system is designed to detect/identify faster? What part of the brain is responsible for this?Direct gaze. Superior Temporal Gyrus.
The pop-out effect is assoicated with this ability, related to this part of the brainGaze detection, the superior temporal gyrus and amygdala
What is the ability to process simple movements that is developed between 16-20 months? What part of the brain is it linked to?Animacy Detection, Superior Temporal Gyrus
Animacy detection, gaze detection and direct gaze are all parts of this broader abilityDetecting Social Action

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Gaze monitoring, gaze following, goal detection and joint attention are all parts of this broader abilityUnderstanding Social Actions
What ability is associated with eyes moving to look at things, develops between 3-4 months and is what happens when you look up on a sidewalk in NYC?Gaze Following
What ability is associated with the intentional direction of gaze, understanding the intention of directed sight and develops between 5-15 months?Goal Detection
What is the ability that develops between 9-18 months where eyes are directed as a useful source of information, kids connect the words they use with the object they are looking at, they start to watch over other people's eyes because they recognize it as a useful source of information? What is the most ciritcal implication of this development?Gaze Monitoring, a child now recognizes that there are mental things happening inside peoples heads that they can use in a meaningful way
What is the developent between 18-24 months when eyes and attention are directed and aligned toward the same thing, kids bring things to their parents attention, they are no longer just watching, they are using their own gestures to change where atention is directedJoint Attention