Neuroscience 1

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Gross Brain Anatomy

Question Answer
Lateral sulcus divides...temporal pole from frontal and parietal
Central Sulcus divides...frontal and parietal

Cranial Nerves

Question Answer
Olfactory1. Sense of smell (sensory)
Optic2.Vision (sensory)
Oculomotor3. Eye movements; papillary constriction and accommodation; muscles of eyelid (motor)
Trochlear4. eye movements (intorsion, downward gaze) (motor)
Trigeminal5. somatic sensation from face, mouth, cornea; muscles of mastication (sensory and motor)
Abducens6.eye movements (abduction or lateral) (motor)
Facial7. controls the muscles of facial expression; taste from anterior tongue; lacrimal and salivary glands (sensory and motor)
Vestibulocochlear/ Auditory8. hearing; sense of balance (sensory)
Glossopharyngeal9. sensation from posterior tongue and pharynx; taste from posterior tongue; carotid baroreceptors and chemoreceptors (sensory and motor)
Vagus10. autonomic functions of gut; sensation from larynx and pharynx; muscles of vocal cords; swallowing (sensory and motor)
Spinal accessory nerve11. shoulder and neck muscles (motor)
Hypoglossal12. movements of tongue (motor)