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Define SyphilsAn STD caused by the Treponema Pallidum Baciteria. Highly invasive.
How is it contracted?Via oral, anal, vaginal sex or via intimate touching/kissing.
How may a transfer the disease to a baby?By touching the Syphilis Sores (Chancres), and then touching the baby.
How is it treated?Successful treatment via antibiotics.
What are the three stages of disease?Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary.
When in the tertiary stages, what system can syphilis affect?Almost all systems can be affected in the case of chronic stages of Syphilis.
What are the clinical features of the primary stage?Painless, indurated ulcer (may appear on anus, vagina, penis, or inside mouth)
Most common location of Chancres?Glans penis or around anus in homosexual males. Sign- inguinal lymphadenopathy.
What type of antibiotic is typically used, and what are the results.Promising results with administration of penicillin.
What are the clinical manifestations typicallyndary stage?2 months- 2 years after primary infection. Leading to fever, malaise, macular rash (small/flat/ red spots), Lymphatic Node enlargement, Condyloma Latum- slightly elevated skin lesions.) May also result in internal organ inflammation. (Kidneys, CNS, etc)
What are the clinical manifestations of tertiary stage ?Gummatous Syphillis- characterized by granulomatous lesions, center of necrotic tissue with rubber texture. Principally form within the liver, bones, testes, but may affect any organ. They may break down and form ulcers.
Tertiary Stage- detailsLesion of CVS- occurs at least 10 years after initial infection. Hallmarks include small blood vessels, and Gumma. Most common CVS manifestations include- aneurysm formation of ascendng aorta. Gumma of Cardiac valves- leading to insufficiency.
NeurosyphillisMeningo-vascular syphillis- Tabes Dorsalis= Post columns and dorsal roots of SC are damaged. S+S = Post column impairment, wide based gait. Destruction of posterior column leads to loss of pain and temp sensation + areflexia.
Define NeurosyphilisDamage to the cortical regions of the brain leading to general paresis, formerly referred to as 'general paresis of the insane'
S+S-Impairment of memory and speech, personality changes, irritability, psychotic symptoms develop which may progress into dementia.
How is it diagnosed?Serologic Testing
How is it treated?Tertiary Syphilis is Incurable.