Neuron Conduction - Easy

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Simple Neuron Impulse Conduction Steps

This page helps you learn the five basic steps of Neuron Impulse Conduction

Impulse Conduction


Question Answer
1) Resting potential•Inside of cell has negative charge;outside has positive charge •Exterior rich in Na+; interior rich in K+
2) Depolarization•Stimulus causes Na+ to enter cell •Region of interior changes from negative to positive
3) Action potential•Channels in adjacent areas open and more Na+ enters the cell •Nerve impulse continues down the length of the axon
4) Repolarization•K+ flows out of cell •Electrical balance restored: interior has negative charge and exterior has positive charge
5) Refractory period•Membrane is polarized, but Na+and K+ are on wrong sides of membrane •Sodium-potassium pump works to restore ions to rightful sides