Neurology continued

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Section 1

Question Answer
Autonomic Neuropathypostural hypotension, loss of respiratory arrythmia, erectile dysfunction
SAHberry aneurysm
subdural haematomageneralised headache, fluctuating GCS, alcohol, crescent-shaped haemorrhage on CT
Wernickes Receptive dysphasiafluent speech, abnormal comprehension, good repetition
Conduction associative dysphasiafluent speech, abnormal comprehension, poor repetition
Brocas expressive dysphasianon-fluent speech, normal comprehension, good repetition (Brocas is broken speech)
MS CSFwhite cells high, presence of IgG oligoclonal bands
meningitis long term consequencessensorineural hearing loss
cerebellar vermis vs hemisphere lesionvermis = no limb ataxia (finger-nose) but gait and intention tremor. hemisphere = all ataxia
restless leg syndrome dopamine agonist for instance ropinirole

Section 2

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radial nerve damageshaft of humerus fracture
ulnar nerve damagesupracondylar fracture of humerus
axillary nerve damageproximal humerus fracture

Section 3

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procyclidinetremor management in drug-induced parkinsonism
cabergolinepulmonary fibrosis (used to treat parkinsons)